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    Can neutered cats spray?

    yuk my neutered cat tigger was spraying out side the other day, like as if he wasn't neutered. He has been battling it out with a whole male who is trying to eat here, I feel sorry for him so l let him eat. but now the back porch stinks, and I got the boys neutered young so i wouldn't have this...
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    What's going on? help!

    Everytime I post my computer keeps making a noise like a creaky door opening and closing shut all scary and it's freaking me out, like now it slammed! what is it, help me im scared cause hootiecats are fraidycats!1aaaahhhhhh hootiecat
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    well everyone I must say goodbye now. It's been nice meeting all of you. I made hootie a page but without a digital cam, it's not very fun. well bye again, hootiecat
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    kitty thinks she's chewing gum!

    Hi, my name is hootiecat. I have a cat who sometimes sits there and chews on nothing. She just sits there and looks as if she is chewing gum. It's so cute, but what does it mean? None of my others do this, and I don't think she has hairballs cause then there would be some choking sounds, right...
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    quivery tail kitty

    Hi, my online name is hootiecat. My kittymew, the hootiecat does this as well sometimes. I always thought it was a sign of affection for me. she is so cute! She also likes to lick me just like a little doggy. I think she has a lot of ragdoll looks and traits she is such a lovebug. Cats are...