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    My tortie pictures

    This is Baby. I bottle fed her and she is my baby in every way.
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    Final saga on "Three Feral Kittens on my deck"

    We tried very hard to tame these beauties but they did not want to be tamed. We found a nice young couple with a barn and several outbuildings that WANTED more cats. So we have managed to trap two of the kittens and a rogue male! Momma cat is way too smart for the live trap and the lovely gray...
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    feral kittens on my deck...update

    I actually had Maggie May in the house for about 10 minutes today. Then she panicked and I allowed her to leave. I will continue to invite her in. My other cats greeted her as a friend. Nose touching and head hissing at all.
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    Baby Sugar in the dog bed!

    She is in cat heaven...but I bet the dog will not like her scent there!
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    Cats seem to like Vicks Vaporub!

    I put some of this on me and one of my cats is following me around as if I was a big bag of catnip. Smelling and licking and rubbing. I have not let her come any closer to the stuff than smelling my hands and clothes. I know catnip is a member of the mint family. Is this the reason Baby Sugar...
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    Macy's newest photos

    Macy may be the smallest cat in the house but she is the bravest too. She climbed into the cat bed with my 14 yr. old Phoebe (who wants nothing to do with her) and simply nestled down and ignored her warning growls.
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    Three feral kittens on my deck

    They are so totally fearful of me. Only one will allow me to watch her drink and eat. (I do not know the sex but it looks like a girl to me). Anyway...she sits and stares into the house and I have stuck a feather through the door and she plays with it. I put a piece of cotton batting down so she...
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    sleeping kitties

    This is Macy in one of her totally strange sleeping positions. Her belly is so slim.
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    More Baby pictures

    My cats all love this lamp. It must put out some nice warmth.
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    My Baby Sugar

    She has the sweetest personality I have ever encountered in a cat. She is totally trusting and so calm for a kitten.
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    Macy's newest photos

    I made this catbed for my daughter but Macy needed to try it out first.
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    I am not spoiled!

    My humans were concerned I was not drinking after my arrival so I showed them I only drink Brita water from Jim's finger!
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    I have my new Tortie!

    We have named her Macy. She is so delicate looking.
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    Cat Beds

    I made two of these today! A friend brought over some of her beds and I made these from memory!
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    New Cat Condo

    This is Sadie laying claim to the top level.
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    Wrapping presents with the cat

    Wrapping Presents With A Cat 1. Clear large space on table for wrapping present. 2. Go to wardrobe and collect bag in which present is contained, and close door. 3. Open door and remove cat from wardrobe. 4. Go to cupboard and retrieve rolls of wrapping paper. 5. Go back and remove...
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    Cat quilt

    Besides loving cats I love to collect cat fabric. This is a 72" quilt made with Michael Miller fabrics called "Kittens for Sale". I have made two of these and have the pieces cut for a third.
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    Feral kitten

    I caught her in a live trap but she proved too wild to handle. I kept her in the garage for four days and then gave up. She still comes for food but will not allow me near her.
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    Picture of new kitten

    I will get her sometime after January 1!
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    Subee's cats

    fingers are crossed on this one!