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  1. Burts

    Cat pooped my bed

    My cat Allie pooped on my bed last night and I dont know why...She does this if she has diarrhea but her poop was normal, she peed on my bed a month ago cause she was nervous when I hugged her on my bed but i cleaned it with enzyme remover......
  2. Burts

    CatCamp from jackson galaxy

    Tickets | free I had a email from jacksongalaxy and thought id share it
  3. Burts

    My nervous cat peed on my bed with me

    My persian Allie was always a nervous cat since i got her as a kitten, shes 5 now... She once peed on the same bed i speak of now when I took her in my bed on a rainy day and put the covers over her makin a giant cave...Well she peed on me, she was probably about one or two at the time Just...
  4. Burts

    Anal Glad Expressed, change in recognition?

    Allie had her anal glands expressed and when she came home Oliver woke up and said hello to her and smelled her nose etc and went back to sleep..They were fine all night but this morning when Allie went nose to nose with him he hissed and growled. I was thinking Oliver had constipation since he...
  5. Burts

    Flea meds neurological side effects?

    Im not 100 percent certain but after giving my persian cat allie flea meds twice 3 weeks apart she seems to have a new behavior... She shows hyperesthesia syndrome She licks the base of her tail or tail and she will hold her head perked up to the side as if you were scratching the sensitive...
  6. Burts

    Every 5 months...Diarrhea!

    Every 5 months out of the blue Allie gets diarrhea, happened 4 times now I think...Vet mentioned ibd last time I took her in... I been changing her food more often recently trying to find something that works...Normlly shes on royal canin gastrointestinal but shes bored of it so I been trying...
  7. Burts

    Every morning throw up

    The last 5 days right after the first meal eating my cat throws up, Even if I give very little he throws it up...This morning he doesnt seem too interested in food and he always is but he ate couple of peices and he threw it up...
  8. Burts

    Taking Oliver in For Allergy’s

    Im taking my 4 year old Oliver indoor male persian to the vet on friday for allergys... He shakes his head a lot and he scratches and grooms himself a lot, he does not inflict self harm or exibit hair loss or scabs...He throws up frequent hairballs from all the grooming... I always believed it...
  9. Burts

    Omg I almost lost my indoor cat

    I was walking Oliver in my yard and something scared him and he pulled on the leash and god forbid I dropped the plastic reel which went banging on the ground....That made him even more scared and off he went under the house at a 100mph with the leash plastic banging behind him, I ran to the...
  10. Burts

    Diarrhea and Barf

    Oliver and Allie been on royal canin gastrointestinal for quite a while now but I always sprinkle very little blue basics turkey and pea on her food for months...Her dookies was always decent but yesterday I gave her just the blue basics thinking to save money on the rx food, she also eats...
  11. Burts

    Constant Hairballs and OverGrooming

    Just in the last 2 weeks or so my persian fluffy cat started scratching a lot more, he has allergies to something for years! He also grooms too much...But the last 5 days he has made a hairball every single day, except he skipped a day... Its just hairballs coming out, havnt regurgitated food...
  12. Burts

    Anyone see this cat bed?

    This is from amazon from a super wierd chinese seller for too much money but has anyone seen anything similar, looks like something my cat would like
  13. Burts

    Diarrhea Not Eating

    Today Allie has diarrhea, she’s been in the pan 5 times and mostly hardly nothing comes out just a little diarrhea... She also threw up today twice and isn’t eating or drinking...I have given her a pro biodic this morning... She had a bigger bowel movement yesterday and was mostly solid with...
  14. Burts

    New Canned Food

    I bought a host of canned food to try to get oliver on wet but he licks fussie cat canned food for 3 sec and he dont want to touch it...Most times I then trash it Allie eats fancy feast canned, florentine and primavera, if I give the fussie cat etc. to her will it give her diarrhea? Shes very...
  15. Burts

    Omega 3 Supplement?

    I ordered omegease Anyone have exp with omega 3, 6, 9 fish oil, can i syringe this directly in mouth of cat? My cat doesnt want to eat canned food which really really sux...Hes itchy and I think he has feline hyperesthesia sometimes, like last night...He licks his tail to no end this...
  16. Burts

    Showing Off My New Fountain

    I just wanted to show off my new cat fountain, it was pricey but I just had to have it....Its also ceramic so its fragile and also had like a 2 month wait time... I also have a pioneer big fountain and the small one too, this new one has no filters... Thats rye grass I just planted, my cats...
  17. Burts

    Royal Canin Gastrointestinal

    Hello, I just received my order for Royal Canin Gastrointestinal High Energy food for Oliver... Feline Gastrointestinal High Energy™ Dry Cat Food - Royal Canin I got this food because he has hard stools and sometimes constipation, he can scarf and barf and hes had urine problems in the...
  18. Burts

    Struggling Finding Kibble For Good Stool

    I have been struggling to find kibble Allie can eat without getting loose stools...She was on Royal canin urinary so for 1 1/2 years and came off it in febuary... She went on blue buffalo snsitive stomach which she had nice stools but she got very itchy.. Tried Purina one urinary and she didnt...
  19. Burts

    Cat Grass Lawn Bed

    I got the bright idea to go buy some seashore sod and make a tray, I put pond liner on the bottom... Oliver is purring like a horse trying to eat his new lawn, a kitty lawn mower I have cat oat grass planted today, is it ok if he mows his lawn? He wants that fiber for his stuck dookies!
  20. Burts

    Unconsiderate Dog Owners

    So I live on Maui, born and raised here, grew up with respect to others like all other islanders...Been living in the country in the same house for several generations over 40 years in one of the most quietest oldest neighborhoods upcountry... 9 years ago some mainland people buy and build a...