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    I Have A Problem, Please Help!! (long post)

    Let me start out by saying that I have 4 cats inside. (2 males and 2 females) All 4 usually get along until recently. The 2 females (Abby and Sassy) have started having little spats which didn't normally amount to anything. UNTIL, day before yesterday Sassy was using the LB and Abby was waiting...
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    Introducing My Newest........Cotton (cuteness warning included)

    This is Cotton, my newest addition. A stray momma had 7 kittens in my flower bed the end of May. He was solid white when he was born and his coloring has changed tremendously. There was 3 solid black and 3 striped tabbies, some long hair, some short. He is long haired and has the prettiest blue...
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    Please Join Me In Wishing My Lil Girl Happy Birthday!

    Today is Sassy's Second Birthday. This morning she had a special treat for breakfast and groomed with her favorite zoomy groomy brush. Now, she is fast asleep under my desk. So Happy Birthday Sass, Mommie loves you!! May you bring as much joy this next year as you did the past. Happy Birthday!!
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    Gee Mom, Your Shoes Smell Terrific!!

    Abby loves to sleep in my shoes with her nose buried up in them!! I don't know how this could be comfortable or even smell good!! Hubby and I joke about it. I tell him, she just loves to wear my shoes, too!! Does any of your cats do this? Show me your pictures, I would love to know that...
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    Rearranging The Litter Boxes

    Thanks, Marilyn for taking the time to answer our questions here on TCS. Now, onto the question at hand. I have three cats inside and three litter boxes, which are all located in one room. Is it better to have them located in various spots throughout the house or should I just leave them where...
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    How Do I Stop Him??????

    From running out the door every time we open it?? And I mean every time we open the door he (Prince) is out. What can I do to stop him? We have been putting him in another room and locking him in until we come back in or someone will hold him while the other goes outside. It is getting quiet...
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    Prince Is In Harness Training!!

    That's right, the lil boy is in harness training and doesn't seem to enjoy it as of yet, but he the outside so good, that I needed to try something, he is a door darter and has escaped several times!! (Kitty was not harmed in any way) Needless to say, I took the harness off of him after...
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    Prince's Outdoor Adventure!!

    Yes, he did it, he escaped through the patio doors, DH was pulling the screen across to let some fresh air in and low and behold, he made a mad dash outside!! I was able to capture a few pictures before actually trying to catch him! A bug in the grass! He found a little worm to play with...
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    Prince Has Learned To Read TCS

    As I was reading this morning, Prince decided he would join me!! He also discovered the mouse moving on the screen!!
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    I Love My Sleeping Babies!!

    Since I haven't posted pictures of my babies lately, I thought I would take a few to show them off. I hope you enjoy them!! This is Prince Sassy Needless to say, she didn't sleep very long, She was interested in looking outside. She spotted Katie, basking in the sun!! Now this is my new...
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    Need Some TCS Vibes, Please!!

    I dropped my lil boy, Prince, off at the vets office about an hour ago. He will be having surgery to be neutered. He did real good in the car on the way only a few meows and then sat quietly as we made the trip. I took him on Monday for his shots and he has to go back in two weeks for the...
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    Could It Really Be..........

    Prince's family. Take a look at this lil girl, she showed up on Christmas morning with her mom! This was made thru my patio door!! No pictures of mom yet, she is very skittish, but this lil girl is so friendly and will even let me pick her up and hold her for a minute!! And of course, I have...
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    Finally....It Happened!!

    Today I caught Sassy and Prince napping together, for the first time!! I thought they looked so cute!!
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    My Black Is Gone....But Not Forgotten

    My baby boy Black had to go to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. As some of you may know, I had him at the vet on Friday with a upper respiratory, he progressively was getting worse over the weekend. Last night, I cradled him in my arms all night long, for fear it wouldn't be long. My DH and I...
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    Could I Get Some Of Those Good Ole TCS Vibes...Please

    I am on the way to the vet with two of my babies. Black has running nose and eyes and congested and Sassy acts like her throat is sore and keeps gagging like and swallowing. So, please could you send some of those TCS vibes for my babies??
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    Guess Who Was Hiding In The Bushes!!

    Long story short, As a friend was leaving my house on Saturday, I stepped out on the carport w/her and we kept hearing a cat crying, not crying, screaming. We proceded to walk down the driveway and across the road and it kept getting louder and louder the closer we got. I thought at one point we...
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    Fluff, No Heat Please!!

    As I was folding some laundry this morning, Sassy decides to climb in and relax a bit!! Silly Girl!!
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    Special Delivery!!

    I have this box setting on the table that I have been putting all the "Free Samples" in, and found out Sassy absolutely loves it in there!! (alittle blurry) (alittle blurry)
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    Look What I'm Having For Dinner!!

    Came into the kitchen this morning and look what I found on the kitchen table!! How could you get mad at her for that!!
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    Introducing Sassy

    I'd like to introduce Sassy, the newest to my FurrFamily!! She is such a doll!! (pictures not that good) but will have to do at this point