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  1. raiinexii

    My cat scratches his eye

    My cat scratches his eye a couple times, its usually while playing or scratching somewhere near his eye (it's never serious, don't worry) I heard that saline solution helps out, so I bought some today, his eye is healed now but I'm not sure whether it'll start to hurt again or not. If you have...
  2. raiinexii

    My cat fell from a high place

    Hi, I wanted to ask if anybody knew what I should do in this situation? I'll try not to leave anything out. This will be long. My kitten is 2 months old (turning 3 months in a week) we call him baby when talking to him. First, baby fell today from the 2nd floor. It's not a high fall, I wouldn't...
  3. raiinexii

    My cat has a pimple-like bump behind his ear, what do I do?

    My cat, potato, has a pimple-like bump behind his ear that I noticed a couple of days ago. I have tried to see what it is but he doesn’t allow me to touch it. It seems to be red, i’m unsure since I haven’t gotten a good look at it. I don’t know if it spread down his body or not but there are a...
  4. raiinexii

    My cat bit a frog, what should I do?

    (A bit TMI) A day ago, my cat (potato) bit a frog. It was around 2AM and we have a front yard and he kept meowing at the door. All members of my family were awake at the time so we decided it’d be okay if we all went out with him. My other cat was sleeping upstairs and Potato was lonely. And...
  5. raiinexii

    What is this black thing on my cat’s eye?

    My cat, potato- is perfectly healthy and there are details about him on my last thread, but he’s sleeping on my bed peacefully and I notice he’s had this black thing on his eye. It’s probably been on-top if his eye for a month or more, I’m worried if he hurt himself or my other cat snickers did...
  6. raiinexii

    Why does my cat wheeze at random times?

    Well, I have a cat and his name is potato, he is an amazing cat and has never had health problems, he has eaten perfectly ever since he was a kid, he knows how to dig his litter and he’s been a playful cat/kitten since he was born. But, there’s one thing in constantly worrying about. He always...