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  1. sweetiecat3

    Game - Song titles

    the missing frame - afi
  2. sweetiecat3

    Game - Food Songs :)

    Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow by Strawberry Alarm Clock (:
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    Game - Number Songs

    One - Metallica
  4. sweetiecat3

    elloooooo anyone remember mee?

    thx, all
  5. sweetiecat3

    elloooooo anyone remember mee?

    aw, thankyou:]
  6. sweetiecat3

    elloooooo anyone remember mee?

    just wonderin'? maybe not; its been 2yrs since i even checked the board, haha. at least 3 or 4 since i visited regularly. either way, its nice to see the site doing so well still. im sure there are plenty of new members who dont &plenty of users who dont get on here anymore, but i just...
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    Radio question of the day: 03/13/07

    Oh, yah... who hasn't?!
  8. sweetiecat3

    I'm donating my hair to locks of love today.

    Yes! That is great; it's a good thing to do I'm still growing my hair for that - it's almost down to my bottom Cuz I wanna have long hair after it's cut! So I've been growing it for a couple of years, and I'll probably donate it sometime next year. My sister went through chemotherapy when she...
  9. sweetiecat3

    Who wants to see the most handsome cat in the world???

    Great captions!! Madden is a handsome boy! I love the one that you captioned "or just be annoyed at the camera".
  10. sweetiecat3

    Peppy- the SPOILED BABY!!

    This one is priceless!!! Great pics... cuuuuuute !
  11. sweetiecat3

    Chuck :)

    Awww!! And Chuck matches the bag, too!
  12. sweetiecat3

    Radio question of the day: 03/09/27

    Salt & pepper?
  13. sweetiecat3

    What's your name? (From an e-mail)

    What's your name? (From an e-mail) 1. YOUR REAL NAME? Patty 2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME (first 3 letters of real name plus izzle): Patizzle 3. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME (color and fav animal): Purple cat 4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME (first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name...
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    Brand Spankin' New!!!

    Hey Amy! Welcome to TCS!!! Yoda is a sweetiepie You'll be glad you stumbled upon this site.. it's great. People here are really helpful and friendly. And if you have any questions about your cat that you think are dumb, never hesitate to ask - lotsa people here have the same questions, I...
  15. sweetiecat3

    ****Spotlight of the week - Godiva*****

    Congrats!!! Now for the fun part!! -Red or Blue? -Grass or sky? -Fall or spring? -Cake or cookies? -Ice cream or milkshake? -Rare, medium, or well-done? -Sprinkles: rainbow or chocolate? -What types of music do you listen to? -Favorite bands? -Top 15 songs for you? -Go to the... past or future...
  16. sweetiecat3

    Some "Paintings" of all of my babies.

    Ohhh, those are beautiful! I especially like the styles of Simba's and Shane's. They're all lovely, though; creative.
  17. sweetiecat3

    Radio question of the day: 03/08/07

    I do what I do in life because...... It feels right, I want to get something done, it feels good deep down, it warms my heart, it makes me happy, it makes others happy, I need to get something done, I was challenged (I never give up on a challenge, literally or figuratively), it's right...
  18. sweetiecat3

    How did you name your cat?

    Hmm I have 2 cats: -Sweetie: I visited her a couple of times when she was a tiny little fluffy kitten... She was the runt of the litter & one of the shyest and most independent, too. She didn't warm up to other people too quickly, but once she did, she was a sweetheart. I thought awhile about...
  19. sweetiecat3

    how to beat extreme shyness?

    Yes, I take that, also... it helps a bunch
  20. sweetiecat3

    how to beat extreme shyness?

    Hey.. I have that, plust General Anxiety Disorder and Panic Disorder...along with severe depression...... First off, do you go to a therapist/phsychologist/physchiatrist? If not, I strongly suggest you get to one, soon. They're a great help, and sometimes medication can help you, also. I've...