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    Adding To The Fur-family: 1 Month In

    Thanks for the reply! And thanks Margd as well! Sorry it took me so long to respond. Where I live is a little weird in terms of setup. Technically I rent a room in a three bedroom apartment with the living, bathroom (x2), and kitchen spaces available to everyone. But, one roommate was pulled...
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    Adding To The Fur-family: 1 Month In

    Hey all! So in December I adopted a five year old domestic black cat. I renamed her Banshee because she...well, she screams... A lot... The screaming is a little less now, more squawks, but the name fits. She has claws, which is new for me as my older cat was declawed when I got her ten years...
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    Comment by 'Salios' in article 'How To Successfully Introduce Cats: The Ultimate Guide'

    I'm just introducing a new cat today and aside from two mishaps when the new girl slipped past me into my bedroom with my older girl, they've been separated. My old cat is my support animal but she's used to a house with three people and a dog. Single apartment life has been stressing her out...
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    Adding To The Fur-family

    Hey guys! First post for me. I've been considering adopting another cat for a few months now. Thought about it for years but seriously considered the last three months. I found a five year old domestic short hair, black cat. Is fixed, has all her shots, not declawed. She's been at what is...