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    Caption game

    Caption this!
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    Cat Water Fountains

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase a cat water fountain to wean him off drinking out of our cups. Can you suggest a quiet good quality fountain, thank you.
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    Like Babies Oh How They Change When They Grow Up

    Wesley aka Wes at 11 weeks, at 6-7 months, last photo at 10 months :) It would be great to see yours!
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    Regarding declawing and my perspective. First, decades ago there was a cat that was going to be put down and my SIL took her in. She was so viscious they declawed her. Did it help? Well honestly the problem remained almost the same. The difference is she wouldn't be put down. She couldn't lash...
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    Needy Cat

    We sometimes hear cats are more aloof but they love us and they show their love in numerous ways. Our first Samson is one of those more aloof types, he's a great cat and we love him so much. He's not fond of pets but he's loyal and he sleeps next to our son every night. Our second cat Wes is...
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    Not Productive And Not Helpful

    Comments that I don't feel are right. "My cat is an outdoor cat" Answer: Well you get what you deserve if he/she dies! Your cat eats Friskies so you're a terrible cat owner for giving them cheap crap! My son, daughter, husband, boyfriend or girlfriend is "severely allergic to cats" remove them...
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    My first bunny. I'll never forget him.
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    Disciplining Your Cat

    Redirecting our cats is something that's worked for us. But I know all cats are different and what works for one cat might not work for another. Some are more my son lol. But cause and effect can work. The tone of my voice and sometimes panic can set the stage. For instance, I...
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    Going To The Vet

    I'm curious how your cats react when you take them to the vet. We have a 30 min. drive to get to our vet. We had to go to another location for Wes and he was so calm they came out and said he slept while being examined for HCM heart disease so that was as easy as it gets! More importantly he...
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    Favorite Cat Toys?

    So far feather toys, toy mice and the cat catcher mouse wand are their favorites. Their least favorite is the laser. I'm looking into some battery operated toys, any suggestions? I had this Weazel toy as a kid, it was fun so I just ordered it for my cats:)
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    Cat Mom? And Other References.

    When people refer to me as "cat mom" it doesn't bother me much but I've come to understand that folks use that term literally. I'm not one of them. But yet I say things to my cats like "mommy is here" and my husband says "daddy is home" and they both come running! Having said that animals are...
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    Cat Bite Abscess? I Need Input Please.

    I noticed my cat has a small puncture wound with hair missing around it for 3-4 days now. Although my husband insists it's just a wound that will heal in time but after I investigated it, it seems that might not be the case and he could have an abscess. I've never had to contend with this kind...
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    Replace Any Word In A Tv Show With The Word Cat/s

    I created this game on another forum and I'd like to have some fun with it here! Replace ANY word in a television show with the word Cat/s I'll Start: Sabrina the Teenage Cat
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    A Poem About My Cat Wesley Aka Wes

    Wesley is my name I love running through tunnels and fetching toys that's my game I enjoy all kinds of people food Sorry I stole some I didn't mean to be rude!:redtongue: I'm a purr machine and I love to snuggle But if you pick me up for too long I might struggle I'll follow you around...
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    Newer Photos Of Samson And Wesley:)

    Please share yours!
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    Comparing People With Cats

    After 17 years of not having cats due to our son's allergies which he overcame we ended up with 2 awesome cats. I visited cat sites and came up with a lot of people saying time and time again your "furbabies" Cute I thought at first because in a way they are our babies! But I don't have the same...
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    Gardening/leash Training

    I've come to enjoy gardening a lot over the years, something I never thought I'd do. I've been entertaining the idea of leash training our cats to give them a stroll around our garden. My husband is against it because he feels it might affect them since they show no desire to go out and it might...
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    Wesley at 3 months 2nd and 3rd pic. 6 month:)
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    Oral Care/products

    Do any of you use products like this for oral care? "ProDen PlaqueOff Powder Dog & Cat supplement" "Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water additive" "Pets are Kids Too Premium Dog & Cat Dental Spray"