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  1. david's steph


    Rip sweet Snuggles, no more mouth pain where you are now, so sorry for your loss SnugglesAnne, my thoughts and prayers are with you...
  2. david's steph

    David, In Homage, Near My Heart For Life

    My soul cat David of 17 years passed last December. I had been telling people during those years, that when he passes, I'm going to get a tattoo of his kind, sweet funny face. A few weeks ago, I finally did! Am so happy, he is on my arm forever now, near my heart!! My first tat, I love it...
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    Cat Paw Pads That Look Like Beans

    Grey's kissable jelly bean toes!!
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    Cat Jumping On Top Of The Cabinets!

    Wow, this is fantastic!
  5. david's steph

    How often do you bathe your cat?

    Never once have I ever bathed my indoor cats, in the 17 years I have taken care of the 4 of them... they kept/keep themselves so fresh.clean smelling 127804
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    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    What happened to Gin kun? Grey is an FIV cat, he was in so many fights outside before I was able to take him in and get neutered. The wounds I saw on him were unbelievable , so horrid in the years he was living outside. I felt helpless for him. But now all of that is in past, he will spend...
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    Dave and Lilly <3

    I miss you both, thank you for being the absolute soul and heart of my house for 17 years, Lilly passed in her sleep at 19 years old in early November, and my soul cat David I took in to euthanize late December. My best friends here for almost 2 decades, what good fun times we had! wait for...
  8. Dave and Lilly <3

    Dave and Lilly <3

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    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    This is Grey, he was a stray I had been taking care of outside for the last couple years, but was time to bring him in in December, he seems to love it inside!!
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    Do you let your cat sleep in your bed with you at night?

    Yes, always, here is Grey, happy to be sleeping on soft bed after living homeless outside all his life. You will be safe inside with me now Grey!
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    The Movie Title Game

    House of One Thousand Corpses
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    The Song Title Game

    Every Day -- Dave Matthews Band