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  1. princess purr

    Sad news

    We lost our baby I got Preeclampsia at 25.5 weeks and was admitted to the hospital, they transfered me to our local hospital that could handle babies born that young (our lady of lourdes in camden NJ). I lasted another week at the hospital but had to have a c-section on thanksgiving at 26.5...
  2. princess purr

    Hi guys!

    Hi!!!! Sorry I haven't been around! My husband and I totally redid our house to refiance and get rid of our credit cards It was SUCH a project! Things are starting to settle back down!!! How is everyone??
  3. princess purr

    Hi guys! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry I haven't been around, I'll post more in the lodge. I need some help. I was giving all the cats there love and daily check ups (I check ears, noses, teeth and paws daily) and I noticed Moe Moe's ear is PUFFY! Is this an ER visit or a wait until monday thing? I'll post pics. Since it...
  4. princess purr

    Alright it is that time again for board magic

    As most of you know I am tryingggg to get preggers! (for almost two years ) This cycle is totally weird and it appears that we got our chance early for once! I'm going to test on March 14th (ten days before my b-day) If everyone could send some boardmagic/babydust/vibes my way, that I will...
  5. princess purr

    What happens if you have more?

    What happens if you have more pets then what you are supposed to, they are all VERY well cared for, very healthy, and your house is perfect, well not perfect but clean? Do they normally let some people slid? I always worry, I do not know what the limit for where I live is, but I'm a worry...
  6. princess purr

    Need some vibes for a kitty

    Me and rich were leaving the house and he said "look at cat", so there I go down on my knees in a the drive calling the kitty over, I meowed, it meowed, anyway you get the picture. MUCH to my suprise when I put my hand out and called he started to walk over to me slowly then I reconized him...
  7. princess purr

    OMG we were so lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rich and I wear talking in my office and I heard a bang! We both jumped up and went to see what it was, at first we didn't see anything but the second time we checked on of the windows in the sun room (the room the cats LOVE) had fallen in!!!!!!! They are old fashioned windows that you take...
  8. princess purr

    How do you tell if a cat is deaf?

    I know it may sound odd, but how do you tell? I'm starting to think granet is deaf. When it is food time and I poor it into the bowls all the other kitties come running. I close the door so i can get dinner started and then with out fail about 10-15 minutes later granet will come up to me...
  9. princess purr

    Ladies only please (personal problem)

    I think I have a UTI It hurts so bad. Tomorrow my boss's mom is having surgery so I have to go to work, he is not going to be in all day. I have normally can get rid of these with out going to the doc but it sitting in a bathtub to dull the pain and drinking cranberry juice and water, not...
  10. princess purr

    Dig camera question for the pros

    I'm thinking about buying a new camera, i want to make sure that it will do what I want it to do (take crisp clear pics ) these are the specs Warranty 1-Year Limited Compatibility Mac and PC Model Number PhotoSmart 935 Manufacturer HP Optical Zoom 3x Optical/7x Digital (21x total)...
  11. princess purr

    I've tried everything, lets try some board magic?

    Silly request for board magic.... I can't stand it anymore! I want a baby It has been almost two years and no baby! Rich doesn't want to do anything medical yet. So I want to try alittle board magic. That is how I got here! My mom had nuns pray and she got pregant with me after trying...
  12. princess purr

    Cleaning the kittens?

    What is best to use to clean new born kittens?
  13. princess purr

    Is KMR best? Is a bottle best?

    I'm just full of questions! Is KMR the best thing to find the baby kittens or is something home made or another brand better. Also is it better to use a bottle or a syringe?
  14. princess purr

    How do you know when to step in?

    How do you know when the time is right to step in and take action? Is it best to give the mom a chance or at the first signs that she is going to push them away should you step in? Thanks again!
  15. princess purr

    Another mom cat raising the babies?

    Will another female cat that is nursing normally accept more kittens? My mom cat snowwhite, a feral we took in, had three babies, when they were around 4 weeks old we found granet and marble who looked to be around 4 weeks old (they were closure to 7 weeks just very under delvolped). Snowwhite...
  16. princess purr

    Just found out my husband's Grandfather passed away (long)

    Rich's dad just stopped by and said that his grandfather (on his mom's side) passed away this morning. I don't know how to feel. Rich doesn't talk to his mom at all anymore and he hasn't talked to his grandfather in over a year. Rich was very close with him growing up, they were best buddies...
  17. princess purr

    Helping them go potty?

    We had to bottle feed some babies over the summer (they were too sick and didnt make it ) We always had a very hard time making them go potty using a warm cotton ball. What is the best way to do it?
  18. princess purr

    Cat shows?

    Does any one know where I can find a list of up coming at shows. I'm really interested in starting to attend them to promote my business
  19. princess purr

    Crystal cat litter

    I decided to try the fresh step crystal litter and I LOVE IT. We have one litter box filled with that and the rest are filled with there normally litter. The cats all are picking the box with the crystals it has no odor at all. We are going to see if in the long run this works out better for...
  20. princess purr

    Check this out

    My brothers band just did a photo shoot! My bro is the one with long hair (he plays the bass) he looks so grown up!