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    Rehoming Outdoor Ex-Feral

    Hi, I’ve posted a few times about my adventures the past year with a feral mom, her 4 kittens, TNR, and providing for them. After TNR, mom and 2 kittens stopped coming around. During the winter storms I brought 1 kitten inside to live, and the final kitten who did not go into the TNR trap...
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    Why does my cat get a red swollen lip?

    Does anyone know what causes a red swollen bottom lip? This happens to my cat every so often. Should I be worried?
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    Feral kitten and senior resident cat

    Hi everyone, I posted in February about how I had my feral family TNRed right before the big winter storm. Mom and two kittens still haven’t returned since the bad snow. Two kittens stuck around - one of them was too smart for the trap so hasn’t been fixed and one of them was fixed. These two...
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    Feral kitten trust?

    I have a 6 month feral kitten outside. I TNRd her mom and 3 siblings but this one wouldn’t get in the trap. Since it’s been so cold I’ve been leaving the door open a bit for her to wander in and out and warm up for a few hours. Here is a picture of her in the cat tree from my nest cam...
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    First time TNR

    Hi, I am in the Cincinnati Ohio area and have been caring for a feral cat since last spring when I saw her struggling to keep her kittens healthy. Most of them died except one. I started feeding her and eventually she brought her baby around. By the time the baby was old enough to take the mom...