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  1. ondine

    Success Stories Taking In Ferals?

    Oh my, he's gorgeous! We have a cat named Gracie who looks a lot like him. She has Russian Blue and Korat in her lineage, so I would not be surprised if he does, too. Our success is Chester - the cat in my avatar. He and his sister were brought to our doorstep by their mom, a really, really...
  2. ondine

    Moving Feral Cats

    Wow! This sounds like kitty paradise. They are lucky, lucky kitties!
  3. ondine

    How To Move With A Semi-feral Cat

    They each had their own 48" crate, complete with litter box and carrier. All eight crates were set up on a huge sun porch, so I could let two out at a time to explore. After a few weeks, they got used to one another (three had never met the other five). So I had introductions to do while...
  4. ondine

    Moving Feral Cats

    Most assuredly. Mine had plenty of room and never had to worry about other cats in the neighborhood bullying them. Unfortunately, there were plenty - the result of an irresponsible neighbor. I fixed and found homes for at least 54 of them and another neighbor fixed 45 and kept them in her...
  5. ondine

    How To Move With A Semi-feral Cat

    I moved with eight cats, three of whom I would describe as "semi-feral." We hired a transport service and my vet came to our house and gave each cat a sedative. Just enough to keep them groggy during the eight-hour drive. All arrived safely and have adjusted well to their new home. Two of...
  6. ondine

    Moving Feral Cats

    If you have the room, please take them with you. I moved my two ferals with us to NC and brought them inside. It took some time but they have each adjusted. One thing I wish I had been able to do here was build them an enclosure. They were used to theirs in NJ and happy as outside, protected...
  7. ondine

    Winter Feral Housing - Advantage To Straw Over Blankets?

    I used straw for all my outside houses and they were well-used. I would sprinkle a little diatomaceous earth in the straw and let it settle some (it is dusty). I always used food-grade. The stuff they use in swimming pool filters also has chemicals. It keeps bugs out of the bedding. I have...
  8. ondine

    She's Gone...

    It is heart breaking when they wander off. Not knowing is the worst. Hopefully, she's settle in somewhere. I did have a thought - is your yard big enough for a catio? I'd put the newbie in one, in the back yard, and see if Soots returns to her front porch. The catio does not need to be huge...
  9. ondine

    Flying with a Semi-Feral

    My vet came to our house and lightly sedated all eight cats. The pretty much slept through the entire nine hour trip. Two of our cats will not let you pick them up at ALL. With one, we are lucky to pet him once every two weeks or so. I sure hope you can work out the arrangements with TSA.
  10. ondine

    Trapped feral cats last week and brought them inside.

    Such good news. Kudos to you both for your patience and love.
  11. ondine

    Stray Cat And Kittens

    I now next to nothing about how new moms react, so I can't help there. But honestly, if you can foster them, I would take them all in now. If mom is too frightened to come back, the kittens will not do well out there.
  12. ondine

    Jumping Up On Tables

    Thank you for your patience. It can be a pain to train them but consistency works. I used the air can and I only have to have it sitting on the counter now - it doesn't actually work anymore but no one knows it because they see it up there and will not go on the counters. :crackup: I second...
  13. ondine

    Closet Pooping

    I am wondering what it is about the closet that is so attractive. Adding boxes was a good idea; he may need a box or two all to himself. Some cats prefer one box for pee and another for poop. Another thing that occurred to me was that he might not like being observed when he poops. I know I...
  14. ondine

    Cat Stopped Using Litterbox

    Put plastic on the bed and give him the bedroom for a few days. See what happens. Glad you took the tops of the boxes. I can't imagine who invented those - I'd hate to sit on the toilet under a canopy like that!
  15. ondine

    About Fostering

    Declawed vs. clawed is usually not a problem unless the cats actively hate one another. A spare room is a must when fostering - the newbies may have germs your resident cat hasn't met and vice versa, so best to keep them separated until the all-clear. We fostered for years - we had a sun porch...
  16. ondine

    Cat Stopped Using Litterbox

    It does sound like Bandit is getting bullied a bit. That can happen when the cats's personalities are so different. The placement of the boxes may also factor in. If a box is in a corner, or backed up against a wall where there is no escape, the bully cat may have trapped Bandit in the box...
  17. ondine

    My Cat Wont Sleep On My Bed Since We Moved House.

    Good for you for taking her - many people move and leave their cats behind, mistakenly thinking they'll survive. Cats are notoriously bad with change. The longer you are there, the more she will settle in. Try making sure she has familiar things - her food bowl and fountain, her blanket or...
  18. ondine

    Neighborhood Cat

    You might also keep him/her in the bathroom. A bit inconvenient but bathrooms are easier to clean with fewer hiding spaces.
  19. ondine

    How Long Before Your Feral Let You Pet Them?

    You might try extending your fist toward her and see how she reacts. It looks a bit like a cat asking for a head bump (a cat's way of greeting another cat). If she puts her head down and turns her cheek toward you, you can gently pet her cheek and perhaps jaw. Chester, the cat in my avatar...
  20. ondine

    meet Buggy

    Oh, boy, the "real" training has begun. That is - training you! :lol: Bugs and Leia are lucky, lucky cats.