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    Whew! the poo, it's blue!

    My girls a terror! Her name's Zoe and she'll eat to chew anything small enough to fit in her mouth. Were constantly hiding hair ties, plastic bags, strings, electrical cords ect. Whenever I know my cat has eaten something I'd stop feeding dry and let her have wet food only, to help ease...
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    Help, my kitten ate plastic!

    Oh, I've got some stool softener though
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    Help, my kitten ate plastic!

    I just saw my kitten run into the room with plastic in her mouth. I pulled it out and scolded her but noticed there was a chunk missing! Its about 1 inch by 1/2 an inch. Its not too big. It hasn't been an hour yet, should I induce vomiting?? She's acting fine, she ate and is now taking her usual...