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  1. Margret

    Help me decide on a floor stencil, please.

    I love your paintings! Regarding the floor stencil: I think you're right about a lighter blue showing up better. But I personally would be reluctant to paint the floor in a really pale color because of the way lighter colors show the dirt. But then, you're probably a better housekeeper than I...
  2. Margret

    Is this good Straw

    Polypropylene means "plastic." Also, this is $50 for a piece that's 4 feet wide by 135 feet long - what were you planning to do with the excess? If I wanted to use this for the purpose you describe, I believe I'd double it up - 2 layers deep - for drainage and insulation, and then I'd put a...
  3. Margret

    Detergent Safe For cats?

    I used to use Tide Free and Gentle, until I developed an allergy. When I checked online it turned out that this is not at all uncommon, which would seem to indicate that there's something in it that's remaining behind in laundered clothing. FWIW, I've had no allergy problems since I switched to...
  4. Margret

    Getting used to larger vehicle

    Ooh! Now that's useful! Thanks, @Kflowers ! Margret
  5. Margret

    Getting used to larger vehicle

    Roger actually wears size 15; I deliberately got the sandals one size too large. However, I just checked all of your links and none of them go up to size 15. Even the slippers at the Medical Sheepskin place that @Jem linked to only go up to size 14. The most likely candidate I've found is this...
  6. Margret

    Getting used to larger vehicle

    Yes, it makes me laugh, too. Now, that is. At the time I just felt vindicated, and I've used it to keep him in line ever since, though it obviously isn't enough any longer. Roger also has something called Steal Syndrome in his left hand, caused by the fistula they use for dialysis; it's another...
  7. Margret

    Getting used to larger vehicle

    Yes, definitely diabetic. And the reason we don't know how he's injuring his feet is that he has diabetic neuropathy so bad that he can't feel it when he hurts himself. He's also unable to take care of his own feet - at 6'7" he can't reach his feet to care for them. I've been trying to take care...
  8. Margret

    Getting used to larger vehicle

    Yes, we have a handicap card to hang from the mirror, though I'm only allowed to use it when: Roger is along. Roger is either getting out of or into the van. If he's just going to wait in the vehicle while I go into the grocery store for a few items I have to park in a standard space. Ditto if...
  9. Margret

    Getting used to larger vehicle

    Thanks, @Jem . Don't know about an electric chair yet, right now he's stuck in the nursing home until it's safe for him to put his feet on the floor again (he keeps injuring his feet somehow, and every time he tries to use them he ends up getting infections in the wounds that are already there)...
  10. Margret

    Getting used to larger vehicle

    Well, it looks like I'm going to have to get a larger vehicle, possibly a van, so I can transport my husband plus a wheelchair once he gets out of the nursing home 🤞.) We're selling some property, so I should be able to afford it, but the problem is that for many years now I've been driving...
  11. Margret


    I feel very ignorant; what's an NFG? I assume that XL stands for eXtra Large. (Note: When I tried to Google it just now I mostly came up with Nitrile Fleece-lined Gloves. And this thread. :lol:) Margret
  12. Margret

    What is one movie?

    Galaxy Quest True Lies The Princess Bride A Fish Called Wanda Back to the Future (the entire trilogy) The Gods Must Be Crazy Romancing the Stone The Jewel of the Nile Lord of the Rings Jumpin' Jack Flash Men in Black Margret
  13. Margret

    What is the correct angle to trim a cat's nail?

    I'm impressed with anyone who's actually able to clip claws with enough accuracy to be concerned about the angle! I just concentrate on not cutting into the quick and getting it over with as quickly as possible. Margret
  14. Margret

    Am I being scammed?

    Did you call them back? This time you need to go into more detail - double vision, causing headaches and nausea, making your vision much worse than without the glasses. Just saying that your vision is more blurred gives them an excuse to think you're just talking about difficulty adjusting...
  15. Margret

    Am I being scammed?

    Yes, it sounds like a messed-up prescription to me. Also, I'm wondering about the mix-up between your left and right eye that you thought you found in the prescription (I'm not doubting you; I just don't know enough to verify your understanding). With 2 eyes as different as yours, mixing up the...
  16. Margret

    Cat carrier preferred?

    I like a carrier that will let you put the cat in from either the front or the top, and I prefer the smallest carrier the cat will fit in comfortably — it makes getting the carrier in and out of the car easier, also makes it easier to use the shoulder harness to strap the carrier in. No...
  17. Margret

    How long before a female cat comes back into heat after mating with a male cat who has had a vasectomy?

    Just so you know, vasectomies are what men have to make them infertile. Neutering a cat is a simpler (i.e. cheaper) and a more complete operation, which also gets rid of most of the production of male hormones so the cat becomes less interested in female cats. If a tom cat has been neutered but...
  18. Margret

    Am I being scammed?

    Progressive bifocals means that there's no line on the glasses - the part for near vision at the bottom of the lens gradually changes to the part for distance vision at the top of the lens. It's almost like getting trifocals for the price of bifocals, and it's much easier to adjust to than...
  19. Margret

    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    Yes. I want that dog! Might be difficult selling Jasmine on the idea, of course, and obviously her human would never give her up, but... Margret
  20. Margret

    kitten 8days old has swollen arm + ongoing issues (rapid breathing)

    Could it be infected? If so, your best bet is taking the kitten to the vet. Also, does the kitten seem to be in pain? Is it using the paw normally when nursing? Margret