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  1. BlueJay

    Fascinated With Me Taking A Shower

    My cat likes to jump into the tub after I turn off the shower and try to catch the last few water drips. I started turning on the faucet really low for her to play in every now and again.
  2. BlueJay

    Cat Spazzz Attack Out Of Nowhere -help!!

    Be VERY VERY careful with any oils, just because they are safe for "animals" doesn't mean they are safe for cats, many essential oils are highly toxic for them.
  3. BlueJay

    Do Dry Cat Foods With Hairball Control Really Work?

    My cat does better when I give her hairball treats, I've given her iams brand as well as greenies. I don't think they're grain free, but since I only give her a bit a day, I don't worry about it too much. Peas are a carbohydrate, like grains. They have protein that is good for humans, but cats...
  4. BlueJay

    I Stepped On My Cat And Looks Fine...warning Long Text

    I've stepped on my cat's foot, hard enough she meowed and ran off. Of course I apologized and gave her some of her favorite treat. She was fine, I threw toys and watched her carefully for signs her paws hurt. I scooped her up and touched them, to make sure they weren't sensitive to touch. She...
  5. BlueJay

    Help! Our Recently Adopted Cat Is Aggressive

    I know, 3 weeks feels like a long time. You have had enough time to know you love the cat, so your cat should love you by now too, right? :sigh: apparently not. Hang in there!:vibes:
  6. BlueJay

    Question Of The Day, Wednesday, December 26, 2018

    So I celebrate Chirstmas eve with some family, then Christmas with other family. I'm answering for both days. Christmas Eve my grandma made almond butter toffee with chocolate over it, that was the best. But the lemon chocolate chex thing was good too, kind of like puppy chow but with white...
  7. BlueJay

    Can A Senior Cat Drop Several Lbs?

    Here's what I know: You don't want to restrict too much too fast, of any type of food. It can cause serious issues. I've read it is easier to maintain a healthy weight with wet food, maybe since he is vomiting it up, start with just one spoonful a day so he gets used to it. Maybe he is just...
  8. BlueJay

    Are Fleas Just Not Dying This Season?

    I don't prevent fleas, but I decided to use revolution once I found them. I did it one time and haven't seen fleas since, this was several months ago. I also did some cleaning, although the vet told me revolution is pretty good even if you don't clean much.
  9. BlueJay

    Organic And Eco-friendly Cat Toys?

    I've seen some eco friendly ones at craft shows, and you might find some good stuff on Etsy that is at least plastic free.
  10. BlueJay

    Sensitive Stomach Grain Free Food (affordable?)

    I'm happy to hear Tova has found a happy home! I've heard that the worst wet food is still better than the best dry food, so I would take a little comfort in that. Just because you don't feed a raw diet doesn't mean your cat won't be healthy. Remember, some cats are picky and they might not like...
  11. BlueJay

    Please Help Me. Diarrhea And Bleeding From Anus

    First off, if the neosporin hasn't improved the situation, I would stop using it. There is mixed advice about using it on cats, some sources says it is fine for short term use and some day it should never be used in cats. In general, I don't use any human medicines on kitties because many of...
  12. BlueJay

    Is Anyone Good At Grammar?

    He ducked as his shoulder slammed into the brick facade of the building and he crashed through the wall, rolling to his feet as masonry showered the area. Your second sentence sounds better and is correct. I would recommend leaving it as is or sugest they break it up into two sentences so it is...
  13. BlueJay

    Our Cats' Health Vs Hypochondriasis/paranoia

    I'm not sure about a lot of these, but I have a little experience. First off, there is an emergency vet in the area that is very friendly, and if I'm really concerned about something when the regular vet isn't open, I call and discuss the situation with them. I did this when my cat started...
  14. BlueJay

    Need New Canned Food Suggestions

    First off, I disagree that fancy feast is like McDonald's compared to higher end stuff. Many of the recommended brands I see throughout the site that are twice the price of FF include ingredients like vegetables, berries, carragean, and wheat or corn products. Those are the ingredients that...
  15. BlueJay

    Kitty Christmas

    I like that stocking idea! This will be Firefly's first Christmas and I'm an awesome procrastinator and it hasn't crossed my mind. I'm planning on getting her a cat tree soon anyway. For Halloween I got her a clearance wand the day of.
  16. BlueJay

    List Some Grain, Pea And Potato Free Foods Please!

    I avoid peas because I have also heard that companies will include protein from peas in their guaranteed analysis, even though cats can't process that type of protein in a way that makes it beneficial to them.
  17. BlueJay

    My Newly Adopted Cat Is Biting *everything*, I'm At The End Of My Rope!

    Lol I know, the squeaking bunny is locked out of the bedroom at night. Firefly doesn't usually seek out her kickeroo anymore, but if I wave it around and toss it, she will attack it.
  18. BlueJay

    My Newly Adopted Cat Is Biting *everything*, I'm At The End Of My Rope!

    Oh and I've started building her a new blanket fort every day. She likes to hide and explore something new. She isn't so interested if I just leave it up, though. It has to be a new, slightly different one.
  19. BlueJay

    My Newly Adopted Cat Is Biting *everything*, I'm At The End Of My Rope!

    My kitten is about 7 months old. She doesn't chew on quite as much stuff, but she does like to chew. When I leave and at night, I close her in to our bedroom so she doesn't have access to as much. Mine particularly likes to chew on plastic like the bread bag, and shoe laces, even the hard...
  20. BlueJay

    Vegetables In Wet Cat Food

    I avoid wet foods with veggies as well, because I know that they aren't providing any nutritional value to my kitty. There are many trade-offs involved in buying one wet food over another!