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  1. bear

    "Do not push bears," she said. "

    Seventeen year old suggests you not make her mistake. "Do not push bears," she said. " Watch: California teen pushes bear off wall to protect family dogs -
  2. bear

    What are safest kitten collars

    Goal: Identify safe multicolored kitten collars to then provide them to a local rescue to help more kittens find homes. Background: I have previously been very active in feline rescue. I just lost My Valentine who I pulled as Trap Neuter Rehome the head male from a feral colony 13 years ago...
  3. bear

    My Valentine

    My Valentine Here I sit. His collar wraps around my left wrist. His oversized heart shaped dark red tag proudly claiming he was my Valentine. His bell rings occasionally as I type. He resided as the former stud of the feral colony between my employer’s parking lot and an urban creek. He...
  4. bear

    What Food Can Will He Choose?

    I am giving my cats a third meal at noon. This is very small and intended to give them a variety of protein sources. They get 1 small can shared between them for mid day snack. I decided to line up the cans on a lower shelf. Let the 13 year old see them and when I select one. I pop the top for...
  5. bear

    Erissa - My friend of 14 years

    I don't wish to start a long thread and replies are discouraged. Writing this is helping me tonight. Tomorrow, I take my girl in for her last Vet visit. She has compound illnesses, with crystals, IBD and now a large cancerous liver tumor. She has refused to eat for the last three days, and...
  6. bear

    Ultra skittish cat, need help moving her along

    Thank you for your thoughts on helping Forte become less skittish. Two year old Forte joined me when she was 10 weeks old. I have only picked her up once, at 10 weeks to go to vet for spay/shots. That was very bloody for me and very scary for her. Her two sisters from the same feral mom came...
  7. bear

    What color will foster kitten become

    New foster kitten. What color do you think he will become. It looks a little like seal, yet there is a heavy hint of read (cream). Cassanova