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  2. More Finnegan..

    More Finnegan..

  3. tink80

    More Finnegan..

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  10. tink80

    applied revolution after giving kitten a bath

    when i first brought Finnegan home, he was filthy so i gave him a bath and got as many fleas off him as i could in the tub. then i waited until he was completely dry (a few hours) and applied kitten revolution. the next day we went to not our normal vet as i wanted him checked up ASAP to make...
  11. tink80

    New additon to the family..

    Introducing Finnegan....
  12. New additon to the family..

    New additon to the family..

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  16. tink80

    Kitten doesn't know what a litter box is

    Thanks, everyone. I ended up picking up some Cat Attract at the store and it seems to have worked. Yay!
  17. tink80

    Kitten doesn't know what a litter box is

    well, right now he is seperated from the others in my bedroom. the box is the lowest i could find but still kinda tall for him so i stacked a book onto a phone book so he has "steps". i also did a makeshift litter box out of a little cardboard box and he's not interested in that too much either.
  18. tink80

    Kitten doesn't know what a litter box is

    Yesterday we just got our fourth kitty. A little 8 week old farm kitten. I guess I've been spoiled before with how quickly my past kittens took to the litter box because this boy just isn't getting it. I tried setting him in there, I scratched/moved the litter around. He had an accident and I...
  19. tink80

    Scratch has cancer.

    I'm so sorry to hear this. It's never easy when a cherished kitty gets a terminal illness. You are in my thoughts.
  20. tink80

    Ripple, 2003-2014

    I'm so very sorry for your loss.