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  3. princess purr

    Sad news

    Thank you all, it is the hardest thing I have ever had to go through. It makes it easier to have so much love and good thoughts coming our way.
  4. princess purr

    Sad news

    We lost our baby I got Preeclampsia at 25.5 weeks and was admitted to the hospital, they transfered me to our local hospital that could handle babies born that young (our lady of lourdes in camden NJ). I lasted another week at the hospital but had to have a c-section on thanksgiving at 26.5...
  5. princess purr

    what happens now??

    I was really nervous with snowwhite too, but she had had so many litter out in the woods that she was pretty under control. Just try to do as much reading as you can on the net and be ready if you have to step in and help. We got snowwhite fixed about 12 weeks after she had the babies. That...
  6. princess purr

    what happens now??

    Oh, andddd you can post pics in fur pictures or in this thread since it is about her having babies.
  7. princess purr

    what happens now??

    Hi, My feral cat snowwhite had three kittens last year (we kepted all of them). She is a small framed cat, and had many kittens in the wild before we caught her. We kept her in a LARGE dog crate until she had the babies, and then they all stayed in there until the babies started to walk. She...
  8. princess purr

    Hi guys!

    I'll have to take some pics of the place! It looks so different, we didn't take many before pics and we really should have! Even though we are done, rich is supposed to be finshing part of the basement for a "cat room" They need more space to run around and play!
  9. princess purr

    Hi guys! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here is a healthy moe pic, him and Neo both have very gold eyes
  10. princess purr

    Hi guys! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Okay, his eyelids look normal now, it feels smooshie like a water balloon? He doesn't feel dehydrated, but I think I'm going to have right take him to the ER. Him and Marbles to get into it once in awhile so maybe marbles bit him?
  11. princess purr

    Hi guys! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm going to go check in again!
  12. princess purr

    Hi guys! I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He finally let me touch it. It feels like that is water in it. It's not really hard but kind of firm. It doesn't feel warm right now, but he was laying next to the fridge and that is cool so I'll have to check again later. he is rubbing his head on stuff like normal and doesn't act like it...
  13. princess purr

    Litter Box problems - need litter type advice i think

    Crystals work okay too, my guys like them. With 12 kitties though it was getting expensive. I try to use none clumbing litter until they are around a year old. For oder control I would just put alittle non clumbing in and change it daily. Just dump the whole thing and wash it out. Hope...
  14. princess purr

    Finally, new pictures of my daughter, Amber

    awwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! I like the third one! She looks sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!
  15. princess purr

    My tortie pictures

    they are so cute!
  16. princess purr

    Am I gullible or what?

    awww they are both very cute! Hope you can get momma fixed and find them a home!
  17. princess purr

    Finally, new pictures of my daughter, Amber

    awwww what a little cutie pie!
  18. princess purr

    Kimward has been busy today

    aww they are cute! Sorry one didn't make it hopefully the rest will do great!
  19. princess purr

    I've done it again! makes really cute steal toe sneaks my hubby wears them for work! I think ya need a pair for sure!! Here is the steal toe shoes
  20. princess purr

    I got jealous

    That looks awesome!