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  1. catloverin_ks

    We're having a.....

  2. catloverin_ks

    Our little man.....

    Theres my lil man!!!! He is sooooo precious!! Give him loves from me!!!
  3. catloverin_ks

    A confession

    Very touching and sweet!
  4. catloverin_ks

    Welcome to the world Hunter Keith---Dixiedarlins little one

    congrats!! Alycia..he is soooo adorable!!!
  5. catloverin_ks

    Hey Everyone!

    Cant wait to see him!!!
  6. catloverin_ks

    OMG! So excited and freaked!!

    Yay!!! how exciting!!!
  7. catloverin_ks

    My baby girl is here!

    Congrats!!! She is adorable!!!
  8. catloverin_ks

    The new addition to our family!

    he is precious!! And love his hair!! Congrats!
  9. catloverin_ks

    Game - Draw me a picture

    What a fun thread! I am unsure of how to post the pics though?
  10. catloverin_ks

    What did you do with your wedding dress?

    Mines in its original bag, hanging in the closet I did try to sell it a few yrs ago, but am glad it didnt sell after all. Heheh...
  11. catloverin_ks

    Has anyone else been sick lately? :/

    Yes mines been the stomach bug though! Ugghh...and my 5 yr old has had it as well get better soon!!
  12. catloverin_ks

    Sebastian Alexander

    I am sorry. RIP beautiful Sebastian boy.
  13. catloverin_ks

    Cedar - forever loved

    Very beautiful tribute! I am so so sorry. Go play happily on the other side sweet Cedar.
  14. catloverin_ks

    It's been awhile but good news!

    Yay!! You know how happy I am for you!!
  15. catloverin_ks

    Scarlet Macaw

    She is gorgeous!!!
  16. catloverin_ks

    balloon ride

    Sounds like FUN!!! Hope to see some pics soon
  17. catloverin_ks

    How do YOU define "friendship"? (rant/long)

    Well said! The same thing happened to me last year. She just quit answering my calls,etc. At first I thought I was going to DIE without her, and well we have not talked since March of last year, and I am still alive... She is remarried now and acts like a total different person-owell...
  18. catloverin_ks

    Anyone here on Facebook?

    x2! At first I really didnt care much for it, but the more I am on, the more addicited I am getting
  19. catloverin_ks

    My new dining room