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  1. david's steph

    David, In Homage, Near My Heart For Life

    My soul cat David of 17 years passed last December. I had been telling people during those years, that when he passes, I'm going to get a tattoo of his kind, sweet funny face. A few weeks ago, I finally did! Am so happy, he is on my arm forever now, near my heart!! My first tat, I love it...
  2. david's steph

    Dave and Lilly <3

    I miss you both, thank you for being the absolute soul and heart of my house for 17 years, Lilly passed in her sleep at 19 years old in early November, and my soul cat David I took in to euthanize late December. My best friends here for almost 2 decades, what good fun times we had! wait for...
  3. david's steph

    Hyperthyroid Disease

    I took my 14yr. old David to see the vets on Saturday, because he has been drinking alot of water, and looked like he lost a few pounds.  After losing my Jake in Janurary of kidney failure, who was showing the same symptoms, I thought maybe Dave had kidney failure. The vet results showed Dave...
  4. david's steph

    Jake, I wish we had more time together on earth..

    it was way too short, you only living here for 3 short years, almost to the day.  You were young, only 6 or 7, I did not know you had bad kidneys.  I wish I knew, I should have, could have.  One day you were FINE, next day, not eating as much, but still eating, getting thinner, but I thought you...
  5. david's steph

    David, Lilly, & Jake

    First time posting pictures! Here is my David:
  6. david's steph

    Miralax vs. Lactulose-your experiences?

    I had to take my 11 yr. old David again to the ER vet this past Tuesday, as he vomited 3 times trying to pass stool. David has been diagnosed as a megacolan kitty 5 yrs. ago, he has been to the ER vet and regular vet at least 8 times in those 5 yrs. to remove impacted feces. I few years ago I...
  7. david's steph

    "Our" site just mentioned on the radio!

    As I was driving into work just now, I was listening to our local classical music station (WCLV 104.9FM in Cleveland). The lady host daily has a little segment on animals in the news, funny pet stories, etc. Well today, she was talking about the "silent meow" our kitthes sometimes give us, and...
  8. david's steph

    Teeth Removal

    My David is almost 10yrs. old. His remaining teeth are really bad. He had at least 4 teeth removed 4 yrs. ago, as they were really loose, stinky, and just bad. His now front teeth are yellow/brown (his fangs) and on one side, his gums are really red. My vet last time I took him in 2 months...
  9. david's steph

    staples, blood, elizabethen collar..advise needed

    Hi! I'm a long time reader/vistitor, but just registered for advise on help with my poor Dave.. David is my almost-10yr. old all-white cat who is a such a shy, loving friend. Two weeks ago today, I tried to cut a horrible mat out from the side of his back, and inadvertantly cut a chunk of...