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  1. kirathecat

    Question of the day - Thursday 17 October

    My absolute favorite is Raffaello. Unfortunately I don’t see them in stores in the US :sigh: and Haribo Cola gummies are tasty too.
  2. kirathecat

    Let Me See Your Fluff

    Here’s my boy Whiskey in all his fluffy glory
  3. kirathecat

    Fancy Feast Problems

    My cat Whiskey started to refuse to eat FF pates during the last 3-4 weeks, even his favorite flavor “tender liver & chicken”. I thought he just got tired of FF but now reading this thread - it makes much more sense. The reason I started looking for similar experiences from others is that...
  4. kirathecat

    Post Your Best Cat Loaf

    I love me some kitty loaf, yum!:runaround:
  5. kirathecat

    Warm Ears?

    I’m not a vet, but ears as well as nose and paws are areas that help kitty regulate his body temp. You said there is no signs of him being sick and he is playing a lot he is probably hot from all activities. My cat’s ears get warm and then get cool. If he runs around like crazy for half hour his...
  6. kirathecat

    Cats Wake Up At 5:52am Every Morning! Help!

    I had to hide my cat from the land lord (pets weren’t allowed where we lived) and prevent him from going to the windows without having to shut all the blinds, what helped a ton was playing youtube videos on a tablet (search ‘videos for cats’ or ‘cat tv’), my cat was mesmerized for hours and...
  7. kirathecat

    How Often Should We Clean The Litter Box?

    Here is a similar take on cleaning the litter box itself to what you’ve heard. (Scroll to the cleaning the litter box section). The Litter Box From Your Cat’s Point of View:
  8. kirathecat

    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Whiskey lets me use the bed at night, the rest of the time it’s his and his alone :coolcat:
  9. kirathecat

    Is "blue" Brand Dry Cat Food All That Bad? What Are The Questionable Ingredients?

    To get an approximate measure of carbs in any food you use a simple formula: 100-water%-fat%-protein%-ash%=carb% Some manufacrurers don't list ash % so you might have to email them and ask for info. Or just straight out ask for carb%. Granted, these calculations are not very accurate since...
  10. kirathecat

    Advice On Fading Kitten

    If mama cat doesn’t accept him you can use rubber hot water bottle or even regular plastic bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in a towel. Place it in kittens nest under blankets. Just a thought.
  11. kirathecat

    Is Dry Food Necessary?

    It took me about 2 months to get my cat to like brushing, now he wants to be brushed all the time :kneading: I took it slowly, brushed him when he was relaxed and calm, limiting sessions to only few minutes at a time at first, bribed him with treats. Alternating brush strokes with pets also...
  12. kirathecat

    Missing Kittens

    Thank God! I’m really glad they are safe :bliss:
  13. kirathecat

    Question About Smoke Inhalation

    Hi, to get rid of smoke smell saturate a towel with slightly diluted white vinegar (like half water half vinegar) and swing it around in the air, should eat all the smell up or at least make it better. Bring the cat into the room with the best air flow and try to keep her/him there for a while...
  14. kirathecat

    10 Week Kitten..bloated

    Hi, congrats on new kitten! :happycat: Good thinking on getting her to the vet! You can call the vet first and ask about your kitten’s symptoms as well as if you should bring the stool sample with you. Hair in poop is usually normal, they groom themselves and ingest hair which is not digested...
  15. kirathecat

    Missing Kittens

    Have you tried going out and looking for them? They could have crawled somewhere and can’t get out.
  16. kirathecat

    Monday's Question Of The Day - January 29, 2018

    20-30 minutes to wash, 10-15 minutes to brush :insertevillaugh: (with mentioned before ‘Wet Brush’ and some oil like Mortocan Argan oil or similar, really helps with tangles) done once a week or for special outings, the rest of the days 5-7 minutes to brush and braid. I used to be able to wear a...
  17. kirathecat

    Best Raw Food Brand

    To the best of my knowledge Rad Cat is the best, it doesn’t contain any veggies and they use egg shell powder as source of calcium so you don’t have to worry about bone content being too high. It is expensive, though. Primal raw & freeze dried are very popular and quite good.
  18. kirathecat

    Grain Free, High Protein And Low Carb Dry

    I avoid microwaving so i fill up a dish with really hot water and place the can from the fridge in it and i use zip lock baggies to keep food from drying out in the fridge so water gettng in is not a problem but sometimes i just let the can float in hot water without covering it at all. It warms...
  19. kirathecat

    Cats Biting

    Sorry, you are having troubles. He is biting because he is declawed. His first line of defence - his claws - has been taken away so the only thing he can do is bite. It’s a very common consequence of declawing. Please, keep him indoors since he can’t defend himself if he ever runs into trouble...
  20. kirathecat

    How Many Different Kinds Of Food Do You Feed Your Cat? Variety?

    Mine is super picky but so far he is getting wet food: Fromm (flavors without veggies), KOHA LID, Rawz, Fancy feast, weruwa cats in the kitchen pouches. He gets an occasional meal of raw meat. And i have Orijen regional red dry food out for him, he doesnt eat much dry, but i have it out anyways. ;)