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  3. wyatturpsmom

    do your cats answer to all their nicknames?

    I would say most of mine will answer to their names/nicknames. However, they ALL respond to Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Treats no matter where they are or what they are doing! I usually trip over them getting into the kitchen.
  4. wyatturpsmom

    Mya and Wil are back from being spayed!

    Great work! I've never had that problem with any of my males, but my females have usually taken a bit longer to recover. I would keep an eye on both of them, especially with the eating, and if you can, with the femail, keep an eye on her to make sure she is healing without any infection. Is...
  5. wyatturpsmom

    Introducing a kitten into a full house

    Most experts feel you should isolate the kitten in a room with food, water, toys and, of course, a litterbox. Also, if you have a blanket or towel. Give the kitten lots of attention, and keep switching the blanket/towel so all the animals get used to the "new" smells. Depending on the...
  6. wyatturpsmom

    Hello from Northern Californa

    WELCOME! I, too, have 5 furbabies and I live in Southern California. My oldest is 14, Chandler Ray, then Lilly-Rose, almost 11, Tweety almost 4, Cally Jane 2 this month and the baby, Toby, will be one in March.
  7. wyatturpsmom

    Are You A "Hunt & Peck" Keyboarder...

    I type the "normal" way, except if Toby is "helping" me. Way back when I was in highschool (yes, I first learned on a manual typewriter), I made sure all of my brothers took beginning typing. I just knew it would come in handy some day! Little creeps have never even said "thank you!" All of...
  8. wyatturpsmom

    im not new..but havnt posted in a while!

    I'm ready to steal him myself, which is silly since my Toby is very similar, but lots more white! I usually like the unusual too, and can't even figure out how I decided on Toby. Someone said it means "gift from God," and since he is my sunshsine, it truly suits him.
  9. wyatturpsmom

    Which Font Do You Prefer On Your Computer...

    For regular use, I prefer Georgia or Times Roman. I prefer the serif to the sans serif, to me it's easier to tell the l's and i's apart and just generally makes for an easier read.
  10. wyatturpsmom

    Would you buy handmade cat toys?

    I find that the catnip toys I buy at shows are much more potent and enjoyable, and last longer, than any I find in the stores.
  11. wyatturpsmom

    What are your kitties doing right now?

    Let's see, Toby is sleeping, adorably, on the couch, Chandler Ray and Tweety are staring at me because it's treat time, Lilly-Rose is also waiting for treats, and Cally is sneaking peaks at me, because, of course, it's treat time!
  12. wyatturpsmom

    Need help getting "wild-cat" on a schedule!

    Is there anyway you could get her a playmate? Also, I would invest in a squirt bottle, that way you wouldn't have to get up. Also, try getting one of those storage bins for a litter box. You cut a door in it, leaving about 5-6 inches from the bottom. This way she can get in and out easily...
  13. wyatturpsmom

    New to TCS...

    WELCOME! Stop by as often as you can. Great people here. Your furbabies are absolutely adorable!
  14. wyatturpsmom

    Top 10 least friendly cat breeds

    That is a very interesting list. My Wyatt's mother was Tiffany/Chantilly. As far as I was concerned, he was extremely shnuggable, however, if anyone stepped onto the patio, he was under the bed until they left. At the vet's he would hiss, but never tried to bite or scratch. He also adjusted...
  15. wyatturpsmom

    Like I didn't have anything better to do today...

    I saw something. You get one of those large storage containers, cut a doorway in it, leaving about 5 or so inches from the bottom. This would be to large to tip over, and they would not be able to throw their business on the floor. As soon as I can, I plan to do this. My only problem is that...
  16. wyatturpsmom

    Clipping toenails

    I've mostly been lucky with this, except for my feral. Though Aragorn had had a bad experience and was very difficult. What finally worked on his front paws was sitting him on my lap, with his front paws on the arm of the chair. He didn't seem to mind my doing the back ones nearly as much. I...
  17. wyatturpsmom

    Is bleach ok to use on Sisal Scratcher?

    You could try vinegar, which is also a disenfectant and doesn't smell nearly as bad as bleach. I personally hate the smell of bleach. I went through this when Sammy first came to me. I had 2 other cats and all I did was bathe the three of them once a week (with special shampoo from the vet)...
  18. wyatturpsmom

    Getting kittens to eat canned food

    I'm pretty sure they will start eating whem mom decides to stop nursing. Though the idea of them seeing her eat and then eating is pretty good. Cats actually do learn from watching/seeing. If you think about it, they are getting enough through nursing, it is warm and comfy and plates of food...
  19. wyatturpsmom

    How could he be so Selfish!

    I have no words of comfort as, fortunately, this has never happened to me personally. I've known people who have taken this route, but we were not close. Sometimes it is really hard to tell just how depressed a person is. I feel badly for you and all of your family.
  20. wyatturpsmom

    It's taken a week for me to be able to write this....

    So very sorry for your loss. One of the stages of grieving, especially for an animal, is blame. Well all go through this. Mutty lived a very long time. One thing to think about, getting another cat/kitten. This will not replace Mutty, but you will be showing your love for Mutty by giving a...