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  1. just mike

    My cat wont eat wellness CORE! Help!

    Hi Pumaaa and Welcome to TCS! Cats are funny creatures and if the food does not smell like "food" to them, they will not eat it. When transitioning food, and I assume this is kibble you are talking about here, it's best to do it gradually and preferably over the course of a couple of weeks...
  2. just mike

    Cold Turkey food switch?

    Vball and Ritz are on target here. Switiching wet foods is not a big of an issue but it's always recommended transitioning dry formulas slowly... up to two weeks. :nod:
  3. just mike

    Costco's new adult forumula cat food

    It is entirely possible your male cat did not drink enough water to hydrate himself causing the crystal build up and/or obstruction. This type of issue is fairly common in cats that are fed an all kibble diet when the cat is not drinking enough water. Of course, genetics can play a role in...
  4. just mike

    MEOW Trivia 2013!

    Both right for Monday 4/22! :clap:
  5. just mike

    Mondays Question of the Day

    I've been pretty lucky as far as life goes but I've never won anything much. I'm still very grateful thouht :clap:
  6. just mike

    MEOW Trivia 2013!

    Cat wrong ;( Dog right :D for Sunday 4/21
  7. just mike

    Sunday's Question of the day

    Right after telling them how much I love them, I would tell them that climbing drapes is forbidden! :lol3: Of course I got around that. Slick and sleek vertical blinds are very attractive and deter cat climbing :D
  8. just mike

    Introducing My Babies

    What a beautiful family you have there! :nod: I also have 4 furbabies ... all rescues :D
  9. just mike


    The official listing from the FDA can be found at
  10. just mike

    Natura Expands Recall - AGAIN!

    This is the official recall information from the FDA - It is a really big one this time. All of the shelves at the Petsmart I shop at are now empty where these brands used to be. :nod:
  11. just mike

    Can't afford premium cat food anymore. Help!

    The guidelines are meant to use as a starting point and it is really just a guideline. If the cat is leaving some of it after every meal, gradually reduce the amount you feed. If the cat is losing weight, add more with each feeding. The guidelines are meant to give the pet owner an idea of...
  12. just mike

    Can't afford premium cat food anymore. Help!

    Be sure to check the Fancy Feast Classics. They are nearly 1/2 the price of some of the premiums and the ingredient list is not bad at all. It's a good buy on a budget and if you watch the sales at the Petstores and search for coupons online or in the newspapers you can usually find an...
  13. just mike

    Friskies vs. Fancy Feast Classic?

    Yep :yeah: All of the responses here have been good ones. Not all cat food is equal in ingredients, nutrition, protein etc., even if they are in the same price range. The advice I'll give on top of the others is to research the brands you feel will fit in with your budget, do a comparison and...
  14. just mike

    MEOW Trivia 2013!

    Both right for Saturday 4/21 :clap:
  15. just mike

    What's the last thing you ate?

    Just finished burgers from the grill, house made french fries and a salad with blue cheese crumbles and Italian dressing :D
  16. just mike

    Question of the night. Saturday April 21

    "Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much." ~ Oscar Wilde
  17. just mike

    why does my cat eat less then the feeding guidelines?

    Of course you are entitled to your "opinion" :D That said, if you notice your animal losing weight, or gaining weight, what do you do? They are "guidelines", plain and simple. It's up to the pet owner to use their own judgment on how and when to portion the food. The pet food companies are...
  18. just mike

    Why don't companies make more 5.5oz cans??

    Most consumers find the larger cans inconvenient. It has far more to do with consumer satisfaction than "profit". Most consumers have only 1 or 2 cats in the household and the larger cans equate waste to them and they really don't want to fool around with can lids, foil etc. Then there are...
  19. just mike

    Best thing to feed

    Hi Macenaxislove! :wavey: I think it's great you want to feed a more nutritionally sound diet to your cats. The link to catinfo posted already will be a big help in educating you on different diets etc. The raw forum here on TCS is at if...
  20. just mike

    Is Macdonald's as nutritional for cats as dry cat food?!

    My first cat, Hoot (now 16) was only about 5 weeks old or so when I rescued her. She had been eating human food apparently, until she was thrown from a car window. She survived the surgery had dived right into wet cat food. There was no trouble with transitioning her either. I'm guessing it...