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  1. rachelh1018

    One of the cutest kittens ever!

    This is not my kitten... but I saw this on youtube. SOO cute! Warning... cuteness overload!
  2. rachelh1018

    chondromalacia patella

    So I've been diagnosed with this for over a year now. Well it's been getting worse so I went back to the doctor today. He talked about surgery! I thought that at most, I was going to have to get a cortisone shot! I have it bad in both knees. The doctor talked about making an incision and...
  3. rachelh1018

    Can't sleep...

    Ugh! It's 2:00 AM here... I have to be at work at 8:00 AM, and I still haven't gone to sleep yet. Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME! NOT! I have had insomnia for at least 10 years now. The medication has helped, but not tonight! Can someone please send some sleep vibes my way? Thanks!
  4. rachelh1018

    Why oh why...

    can't I wait until the pizza is cool enough to eat?! I think I wait until I'm starving to eat so I become impatient and eat it when it's too hot! I just burned the roof of my mouth... again. This time cheese caught my lip and it burns too... Will I ever learn?!
  5. rachelh1018

    Meet Lilly

    Here is our new kitten, Lilly. Don't let her bunny appearance fool you... she's a wild one! We aren't sure how old she is, we're guessing around 4 months. We are taking her to the vet later this week for her check up and shots. She is into EVERYTHING! Tiger is getting used to her too. Lilly...
  6. rachelh1018

    Cat Wet food Question

    Does anyone know if they make kitten wet food? Do you know if they offer weight control in wet food? I looked at the store, but couldn't find anything...
  7. rachelh1018

    Goodbye our sweet Miss Kitty

    I'm sad to report that we lost our sweet baby Ginger (we call her Miss Kitty) to FIP today. She was only 8 years old. She was diagnosed about a week and a half ago. Some of you were probably following my thread in Cat Health. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. This is what...
  8. rachelh1018

    Just a little praise...

    No one probably remembers happened over two years ago. I had a stroke in my left arm and they found a PFO (hole in my heart). I had it repaired in October 2007. Anyway... I went to the cardiologist today for my two year check up and they did an Echo and EKG. The doctor said my...
  9. rachelh1018

    Need to be cheered up...

    For those of you that don't know, we are dealing with a terminally sick cat and I've been really sad and down in the dumps. Do any of you know of any funny stories or jokes that can make me laugh? Sorry this sounds odd... but I'm desperate here... i need to laugh.
  10. rachelh1018

    Our sweet Angel

    Here are some pictures of our sweet angel, Ginger. We call her Miss Kitty. She's 8 years old and we just found out she has suspected FIP. She's really really sick. I don't know how much longer we have with our sweet baby so I wanted to share some of the good pictures when she was healthy...
  11. rachelh1018

    Possible FIP

    Please keep one of my cat's named Ginger in your thoughts. She has been very sick. Over the past couple months she has lost weight. We took her to the vet and got the all clear. I had this eerie feeling something wasn't right. It's been 2 months and she seems to keep losing weight. We took...
  12. rachelh1018

    Question about pierced ears

    I have had pierced ears for around 10 years. I was 13 at the time and when they told me that they had to pierce one of my lobes off center because my lobes were too small and they couldn't get the gun in the right position, I didn't care. I just wanted my ears pierced. Well it has always...
  13. rachelh1018

    Vet Clinic

    Does anyone know how to go about finding a creditable vet clinic that is afforable? I'm afraid Ginger is having respiratory problems. I don't have very much money either. What is the average cost for a check up? We used to go to this one clinic but they changed management and I don't feel...
  14. rachelh1018

    Christmas Tree Kitties

    Here are a few pics of my kitties getting in the Christmas Tree while I was putting it up. Sorry they are blurry, Tiger and Ginger wouldn't be still. Bad kitties!!
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    OMG guys I'm so sick. I started feeling bad like a week ago. I started to feel a little better Thursday, but I'm soo much worse now!!! I feel like I have the flu, but I had my flu shot. I know there are other strains of the virus and the shot is only one strain, but I haven't felt this sick...
  16. rachelh1018

    I thought this was cute.

    Dog's Purpose (from a 6-year-old) Being a veterinarian, I had been called to examine a ten-year-old Irish Wolfhound named Belker. The dog's owners, Ron, his wife, Lisa, and their little boy, Shane, were all very attached to Belker, and they were hoping for a miracle. I examined Belker and...
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    I want to learn how to do adobe photoshop. Does anyone know who gives classes like that? I looked at the college I attend, but I didn't see one. My boyfriend mentioned our libraries in our county, but they aren't currently offering any classes for photoshop either. How did you guys learn...
  18. rachelh1018

    Run for Your Wife

    I just saw a really cute play tonight called Run for Your Wife. Anyone seen it?? I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!
  19. rachelh1018

    Static Hair

    Do any of you suffer with static hair in the winter?? It drives me crazy!!!! Does anyone have any tips to help with it? I've tried spraying hair spray on a hair brush and then brushing my hair. Guess what? IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!
  20. rachelh1018

    Am I crazy?!

    Well I signed up for college class for the spring semester. I'm taking 16 hours spring semester, and working 27 and a half hours. Do you think I'm going in over my head?