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  1. tigganat

    Tiggz ran away!

    Umm, so recently we were moving into our glorious new home, but while we were bringing him to the house, he ran away! We didn't have a cage because his recently broke and we didn't get enough time to buy him a new one, so my sister was carrying him to the door, and he jumped away. It's been 3...
  2. tigganat

    Tiggz is hiding again!

    I wanted to go play with him, and couldn't find him anywhere in the house, so I decided to go into the laundry room and there he was, sitting in his little hiding spot, sadly I can't reach him since it's on a shelf, he just finds a way to get up it.
  3. tigganat

    Happy Birthday dear Tiggz!

    It's Tiggz's birthday today, he is finally 4 years old! ( In human years ) Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday, happy birthday Happy birthday to you!
  4. tigganat


    Am I the only one that... When I see words that have ji in them, I usually get confused with reading since the two letters look the same. I find that really weird.
  5. tigganat


    It's my birthday today, but it's not on the birthday list. So do I put it on a calendar. If so, how?
  6. tigganat

    Studing for a exam at kittySchool!

    I took this 2 years ago when my sister was studying, she left for a little and when she got back. This is what She saw! She took a picture of it! Who knew Tiggz likes to work?
  7. tigganat

    Young cat?

    Shouldn't I be a young cat? I have 100 posts and 30 day's of membership. Or is there something else? [ I want everyone to see my kitty ]
  8. tigganat

    Is it a good movie?

    It's my birthday in a week and I want to celebrate with my 3 best buds while watching a movie, The movie I have in mind is Gulliver's Travels, but I'm not sure if it's a nice comedy that i'll enjoy. It's the one with Jack Black. Anyone seen it and say it's a good Comedy? Thank you. (:
  9. tigganat


    Sorry I haven't been on in a long time, I've been really busy, so how was everyone's christmas?
  10. tigganat

    How do you re-act without coffee?

    My mom told my brother to go buy her some coffee because she forgot, then he forgot. And now my mom's sad because she has no coffee. How do you re-act without your coffee?
  11. tigganat

    Lazer pointers?

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section. Is it not dangerous to play with a lazer pointer with a cat if you don't *Point it at there eyes. * Reflect it from a mirror to his face. My mom took my lazer pointor away from me because she said it's not safe, and now me and my cat are bored [...
  12. tigganat

    Favorite Late night Snack?

    What's your favorite late night snack? Mine are left over Chinese food, toast, and a cookie.
  13. tigganat

    Photo's from Iphone 4G sent t0 a hotmail account?

    I just took some pictures of my cat and I wanna send them to my hotmail account, It worked on my mom's iphone, but I don't know how to do it on my Sister's iphone [ There both the same, but something else show's up] Anyone know how to send photo's from Iphone 4G to a hotmail account?
  14. tigganat

    The Person Below Me- Game

    This is the game "The Person Bellow Me" How to play Person1: TPBM loves cats Person2: Of course I do! TPBM likes log haired cats Person3: No, I prefer short haired, TPBM likes popcorn Person4: Yupyup. ex. Get it? Okay. I'll start TPBM has two cats?
  15. tigganat

    Tiggz enjoyed his new bed!

    My mom set him up a bed [ inspired by Nora's bed] It's a bean bag, with a blanket on it, the bean bag and blanket are blue, and he's attracted to blue.. My mom told me Tiggz slept in it all night. I'll take a picture of him when he's sleeping tonight.
  16. tigganat

    Turtles like to boogie

    One Day I want to my friends house and we were talking and the radio was on, then all of sudden, her turtles [ in the aquarium] started.. Dancing? They were swimming in circles and shaking there heads, it's kinda hard to describe, but it sure made my day!
  17. tigganat

    Avatar, Signature, Profile picture?

    I really want to put my cat pictures up as my signature/profile [icture and avatar, but I don't know how. :[ Could someone help me?
  18. tigganat

    How does your cat re-act with Olives?

    Have you ever fed your cat olives, If so. How do they re-act? My cat goes crazy! He jumps in the air and pounces on it, he can smell them from miles away. Once he ran away, so I sat outside with a box of olives and called his name I turned around for a second, and I turned back around to see...
  19. tigganat

    Soft food?

    Can Soft food cause cats to get Constipation/Diaria? My mom thinks it's my cats problem because he's been pooping small bits on the ground Is it food? or is it natural? He's a Tabby- He eats Turkey cheese and Gravy dinner for food [ he gets one scoop of soft food a day, three snoops of hard...
  20. tigganat

    My cat is wiping hit but across the floor?

    My cat is wiping his butt against the floor, and it's not the first time. My mom is getting frustrated with the oder. I heard online that we should take him to vet because he's a long hair and his hair is getting in his butt, they said that the Vet will cut his hair to stop it from falling in...