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  1. 8furballs

    Down to 7 furballs :(

    So I feel horrible for saying this but Chloe is at a shelter. We thought maybe she would have a better chance at a happier life. When Chloe had Little Man...she didn't know she had him. He was the 5th kitten to be born and she was tired. We had to interfere and break the sack because she was...
  2. 8furballs

    St. Patrick Day Kitty Pics

  3. 8furballs

    Meet the newest member of the family!(Pic Heavy)

    Meet the newest member of the family...Fudgie! I'd like to tell you his story. Fudgie was a 'stray' that showed up about a month ago. Ever since G had gotten really sick I have been VERY cautious about the health of my original 8 furballs. Since the day Fudgie showed up he was SUPER friendly. I...
  4. 8furballs

    Need advice ASAP!

    Here is the situation: about a week ago I noticed tapeworm segments around Mustache Man's butt. So a friend told me about diamaticious (sp?) earth food grade and how it can get rid of worms. So I bought a bag. I figured if one cat had it then the others did too so I bought some canned cat food...
  5. 8furballs

    Kitty in the road...

    So...I was driving home on this one windy road. I saw an animal sitting on the road. The road was wet so I slowed down in case it ran in front of me. First glance it looked like a possum but then I saw it was a cat. She was a beautiful gray calico. She might not have looked beautiful at the time...
  6. 8furballs

    Notice to Cats! <---Funny!

    One of my friends posted this on Facebook...I HAD to share with you guys!
  7. 8furballs

    Sleeping Kitties!

    So I look over to see Little Man sleeping...but I HAD to share how he was sleeping... BUT then the flash from the camera bothered he moved positions... He usually has his paw more over his eyes...close enough! Anybody else have pics of their kitties in weird sleeping positions...
  8. 8furballs

    This is what happens when I bring home something new for them!

    Hey everyone! So I come home with a surprise for the kids! Well, so much for the surprise! Bubba watched me pull the small cat tree out of the car from the kitchen window and was waiting by the door for first dibs! Technically I found it for 8 dollars at the Goodwill its not really...
  9. 8furballs

    Snickerdoodle and her re-homing. :(

    Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I have been on here but its been crazy around here. In case everyone doesn't remember my dilemma with Snickers...i'll tell the story.  Snickers had gotten sick 3 or 4 months ago. She had an upper respiratory infection which lead to her severe eye infection...
  10. 8furballs

    Need Advice ASAP!

    Here is the dilemma: I don't know if anyone seen my previous post about Snickerdoodles vet visit ( but there is now a SERIOUS problem. She is a 100% better now...well atleast physically. Mentally i'm not so sure. I had...
  11. 8furballs

    Vet Visit for Snickerdoodles!

    So I guess I'll start from the beginning. Snickers got sick around Monday.  We noticed some sneezing and didn't think anything of it. The next day she wouldn't open her eye. I found her under the bed and she would hiss at the others. Which is weird for her because she gets along with everyone...
  12. 8furballs

    2 male neutered cats humping??

    2 of my male neutered cats are humping. I have seen mustache man bring up a big pink stuffed bear and started humping it. And when G is kneeding the blankets he starts thrusting his bottom. Just not sure why...
  13. 8furballs

    Wonderful News!

    After 9 months we are re-united with Lacey.
  14. 8furballs

    Strange habits your kitties do?

    Bubba likes to hide certain toys downstairs and Little Man likes to flush the toilets.   Was just your kitties have any strange habits?
  15. 8furballs

    Hello everyone!

    Name means what it says. I have 8 wonderful fur balls of fun. On May 7, 2010 I rescued Chloe off the streets. She was VERY thin and skiddish. After a few days she came around and became VERY sweet and loving girl. As weeks went on she got bigger and bigger. Not only a few weeks before the big...
  16. 8furballs

    Litter Trained Cat Pooping on Floor

    Background: My mom and I adopted Chloe in May of 2010. She was REALLY thin and skiddish. She started gaining weight which we thought was normal. Well a 1 1/2 later she popped out 7 very healthy kittens. Chloe and all of her kittens are litter trained. We have more than enough litter boxes. Mom...