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    Sick After Deworming?

    Hello guys! I have an orphan kitten, raised by me on a bottle since she was maybe a week. Now she is almost 7 weeks. I had a hard time getting her to eat solid food but during the last week she started to eat wet kitten food and some dry from Royal Canin. I also fed her the bottle 2-3 times a...
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    For The Little Paw That Imprinted My Heart.

    For the small paw that imprinted my heart I found Boris when he was just 1 hour old, his mother rejected him and his brother was dead. He was the smallest kitten I have ever seen, weighting only 70 grams. I took him home, and for the first few days I fed him with an eye dropper and kept him...
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    Kitten Weight Gain/ Too Much, Too Fast?

    Hello, Long story short, I have taken in a newborn kitten on 27 June. I think she was approximately 5 days since she still had a crust from her umbilical cord and she opened her eyes 7 days after. She was weighing 180 grams the day I took her. Now, i’m guessing she is 3.5 weeks old and weighs...