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    Cats Up High! Cats Outside!

    The exciting activities of recent weeks
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    My Mischief Makers

  3. goingpostal

    Switching Newt To Raw

    I recently adopted a new cat about a month ago, a year after my first kitty passed on. My dogs, ferrets and previous cat all raw fed for the past six years so I had plans to swap Newt, my new girl as well. My first cat had taken to it without any issue, I figured my luck probably wouldn't be...
  4. goingpostal

    Re intro, back with a new cat

    I've been a member but dropped off after my cat passed away a year ago of cancer (she was nearly 20). Wasn't planning on being a cat owner again but you know how that goes and my ever helpful mother kept tagging me in cute cats looking for a home. So last week I adopted an approx. three year...
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    Picky picky!

    Well I have my answer at last, my cat will ONLY eat the duck from hare today.  Duck from my grocery store is completely unacceptable.  Last year when I started her on raw I ordered some from there and was thrilled that she ate it right up, next order got some more, ran out last fall and although...
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    Warming up?

    I see many warming up their raw, or recommend feeding at room temp, is there any reason for that? I've always given it right out of the fridge, sometimes still a bit frozen and she's never had an issue, I feed the ferrets that way and had started just trying whatever they eat on her and never...
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    Meats you feed?

    Just wondering what other raw feeders cats are eating for meats? My cat loves chicken, turkey, cornish game hen and mice, she'll eat sardines and eggs as well for treats. She will eat any part, gizzards, organs, bone in meat. These last couple weeks got her to eat dressed bone in rabbit and...
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    Introducing myself

    Quick hello, I'm Tiffany, just one cat around here since she is so disagreeable to the idea of another. Backstory on Gypsy, she was found starving out in the woods by someone's shack, spayed and front declawed so obviously someone's pet. My mom and I took her in about 11 years ago and when I...