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    What is the temperature where you live?

    At the moment it is 5 degrees F here. Tonight it is supposed to get below zero! I cannot stand the winter and of course I live in Maine! It is supposed to be -15 tomorrow night! Brrrrr. And to top it off, it is VERY windy! What is the weather like where you live?
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    Need some of those TCS vibes and prayers!

    Lately, my back has been so sore. I have not slept well for a while because of it and it also makes it hard to do every day things. For a couple of days it was so sore that I could not even stand up all the way. I had to walk hunched over. Then it was okay for a couple of days and now it is...
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    Spotlight member of the week-Persi & Alley 12/06-12/13

    Here are your first questions to get you started: 1. What is your favorite color? 2. What made you join TCS? 3. What is your favorite time of day and why? 4. Do you like to travel? If so, where is your favorite place you have been to and why? 5. Have you ever been deep-sea diving? If not...
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    My Wesley is missing :(

    I need your prayers and vibes for my Wesley please!! He went out last night (he always goes outside) and never came back inside. If he normaly goes out, he will come back in the morning if he doesn't at night and he hasn't at all today. It is almost 7 now at night and I am very concerned. From...
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    LOL, this looks cozy!!

    I looked over at Sox and this is how she was sleeping!! FIgured I would share with all of you!!
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    Prayers for my Grandpa

    Well, it is my husband's Grandpa. He was taken to the hospital the other day 'cause he was throwing up blood and they did some tests and they think it was an ulcer. But today he was feeling weird and went to the hospital again. I have not heard anything yet, so I'm just waiting to know what...
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    Is anyone good at identifying birds? I need your help!

    Does anyone know what kind of bird this is? I will give a gift to whoever can tell me the name of this bird!
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    I am sick and we have to go to a funeral today

    The past couple of days both me and my husband have been sick and today we have to go to a funeral. I friend of the families sister died. So I feel pretty yucky today.
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    Can you only have a certain amount of gifts? One of mine is gone. Are they saved somewhere? Or do you never get to see them again? Just wondering!
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    Why does she lick us?

    Ok, Sox is obsessed with licking me and DH. She does it constantly! It's cute at first but then it gets annoying when she does it so much it hurts because of that little rough tounge! I will be laying in bed and she will come up and lay next to me and start licking my arm and I push her away...
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    My two year anniversary!

    It's officially my two year anniversary of being married!! It's past midnight here so it's now April 16th!!! I cannot believe it! Wow, time sure does fly!
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    Having a hard day

    Just have to rant a moment... Well, I got my period last night.........blah!!!! Well, that made me upset for two reasons. One, who is happy about getting their period? And two, we are trying for a baby, so every month when I get my period it is hard. I have the worse cramps ever today. My...
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    For those who are or have ever been pregnant

    Did you have any symptoms? What were they? How long did you wait 'til you took a test?
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    I'm back from vacation!!

    Well, we got home early this morning from Florida!! Our plane rides to and from were excellent! It's no fair, when we left there it was 80 degrees and when we got home it's in the 40's, high 30's! But, it's good to be home any way! Our kitties were sooooo excited to see us! Sox would not stop...
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    I'm on vacation!! Yep, we made it okay to Florida (I had posted that we were going to be going). It's day three of my vacation and it is so nice and so warm here!! It has been about 80 here and I am sooo loving it!! Back home, it's in the 30's and was snowing. We went swimming today and I was so...
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    Going on vacation

    We are leaving for Flordia tomorrow for our vacation!!! I am so ready to get away!! I need some sun! We will be gone for 8 days!! I am not sure if I will get many chances to come on TCS while I'm gone, but I will try!!
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    User name

    How do people change the color and/or style of how their user name appears? Do you need a certain amount of points or do you have to be a paying customer? And, how many points do you need to change what it says under your user name? Thank you!
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    My model

    I already posted some photos of Sox today but I wanted to share some more since I figured nobody would mind! Sox was just being such a model today!
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    Sox in a box!

    Just wanted to share:
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    Does any one else like to quilt? Not too long ago I finally learned how and I am addicted!! I love it!! If you like it, what type of things have you made or lke to make? Right now I am working on a nice quilt for a wall hanging that I would like to hang in my hall way.