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    I just took my first Pilates class.

    WOW. Now, I've been doing yoga and some strength exercises with small hand weights. But this was.....intense!! I used muscles I never knew existed!! Any pilates fans out there? If so, how often do you do it, and has it helped you?
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    Leba III

    (Mods: not sure if this should be in the "gingivitis" thread. By all means move it there if appropriate). Hello Dr. Jean, I am curious about a product and am wondering if you know anything about it. It is an herbal dental spray called Leba III. They claim it can...
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    Happy Gotcha Day Wally!

    Eight years ago today, a little street urchin came to live with me. Today, he is the sweetest, most good-natured and affectionate cat I could ever have hoped for. He changed my life forever.
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    Do you get enough sleep?

    There was a segment on 60 Minutes last night about the purpose and importance of sleep. They interviewed sleep researchers, discussed the effects of sleep deprivation, etc. One scientist said the adult human ideally needs 7 1/2 - 8 hours of sleep, but most of us get a lot less (big surprise...
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    Hmm...pre-surgical chest x-rays?

    So I'm trying to work up the nerve to make an appointment for Wally's dental cleaning. This will be the first time he'll undergo anesthesia since I've owned him (he was neutered while in foster care) so I'm just a tad apprehensive. I've been carefully reading the information sheet provided by...
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    Extra Stregth WBCL scent?

    I recently started using World's Best Cat Litter and I'm pretty happy with it so far, but I just noticed they make an "Extra Strength" formula as well. I live in an apartment and could use as much odor control as possible! The thing is, my cat doesn't like heavily scented litter. The website...
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    wally at the watering hole

    i recently put out extra water bowls in my living room and bedroom to encourage wally to drink worked! he especially enjoys drinking in the morning sun. and here he is lounging in the evening.
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    grapeseed oil and extract

    I have seen both "grapeseed oil" and "grapeseed extract" listed in cat food ingredients. But, I have also read that grapes can be toxic to cats. Is it okay to feed foods with these ingredients?
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    magnesium not listed?

    i'm trying to start including wet food in my cat's diet. i've been shopping around, reading labels, experimenting to see what he likes, etc. so far, he likes a few of the premium brands (mostly the fish flavors, go figure). i read on this forum that meow mix is palatable and decent for a...
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    so glad i found this place!

    my kitty, a 7 1/2 yr old gray and white domestic medium hair named wally, had some medical issues earlier this week. it was the first problem he's had since he was 1 1/2 that required a trip to the vet. i had lots of questions, and during my internet search i came across this forum. i did...