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  1. joyrachael

    Meropenem Antibiotic For Uti - Diarrhea For Months

    Hi, My kitty Mandy was given Meropenem anti biotic for 3 weeks in July. She has been off of it for two months. Her stomach is still not right! If I don't give her S. Boulardi she has diarrhea. I ordered Animal Biome poop pills and hopefully that will help. Can the side effects from an anti...
  2. joyrachael

    My Cat Had A Stroke

    Hi. My 14 year old kitty Mandy had a stroke a week and a half ago. This is her second stroke. The first one was last year and mostly affected her vestibularly but this one has caused paralysis. She is regaining some movement and can stand up for a few seconds but really isn't herself. Was...