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  1. lovinmom828

    New pics of Kera

    Kera In Window Kera and Howler Kera Window #2
  2. lovinmom828

    Worried and Need Advice Very Sick Kitty

    Well Kera is not doing so well for the past month been back and forth to the vet and still can not figure out what is wrong. She has been throwing up and lost alot of weight. Very Lazy and walks very slowly and just sleeps and won't play anymore. Had Kidney test done and Lukimea test done and...
  3. lovinmom828

    Planning my sons B-day any more ideas?

    My 4 year old wants a pirate b-day so i have been hand making alot of pirate stuff for it. Made some invations Flags treat boxes and Pirate neckless and other stuff. Wanted to see if anyone had any more ideas? Here are the pics of what i have made so far Thanks Here is the invations made with...
  4. lovinmom828

    I'm Back

    Sorry it has been awhile since i have been on here. How was you all's Christmas? Getting ready for the new year? I wanted to say thanks to everyone on TCS for helping my family threw some hard times this past few months. You all have been great and I know i can always count on TCS members to...
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    Happy Holidays Everyone

    Hello everyone Sorry I haven't been on in a while Still really busy around here so I just wanted to take a few min and wish everyone Happy Hoildays and send a big thanks to all you here on TCS. I hope to come back on a little more after the hoildays when things slow down a bit here. Thanks to...
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    Missed TCS Vibes please

    Hello all it has been a week since i have been on TCS. Alot has been going on here. I missed TCS and everyone on here. Me and My hubby and our 2 little kids were in a car crash last monday morning. No one got hurt badly. I am very thankful for that. Hubby had to go back to the doc on tues he...
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    Are TCS Thanksgiving lol

    Ok so I thought we would have a TCS Thanksgiving. If we were all meeting up and sitting down to a dinner together and had to bring one dish or drink or desert what would you bring? Now lets see who all sits down at the Table for Dinner Please take a seat and tell us what you Brought for...
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    Howler Howler

  9. lovinmom828

    TCS Movie 2 Here Watch it Now

    The moment is finally here we are ready to share the TCS Movie 2 with you all. Called Just some of the Many Faces of TCS. Wanted to give a big thanks to everyone on TCS and to the MODS for all there help and to our great siggy designer thanks for all your creative hard work. This is just our way...
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    Last Day to send in pics

    Just a Reminder this is the last day to send in your pics for the TCS Movie 2. If you would like your kitties in the next Movie please PM me a pic of each Kitty and there names. Please send picks of any Rainbow Kitty and there names there will be a special place for them in the Movie. You can PM...
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    Avatar help please

    Now that i am a super cat and have reached 700 + post how do i add my custom avatar?
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    Send a hug to Amber

    Just wanted Amber to know we are all here for her threw this hard time every one please send a hug for Amber (Crazy4cats) HUG HUG HUG
  13. lovinmom828

    Dry Food VS Wet Food

    What one is better for your cat? Dry food or Wet food?
  14. lovinmom828

    Halloween Little ones

    Here are some pics of my little ones on Halloween. Here is my oldest son he was Pirate Captain Jack Can you quess what movie this one likes haha ARRRRRRRRrrrrr face lol Here is my youngest son he was a skeloton and called himself the funny bone haha it was cute. He ended up falling asleep...
  15. lovinmom828

    Quiz What kind of cat are you ?

    Here is a little quiz what kind of cat are you? I was the American Bobtail
  16. lovinmom828

    Cute Halloweeeen

    Here are a few cute e-cards for Halloween|P1R1SO|ecards
  17. lovinmom828

    HELP cat eats all food

    What do i do about a cat that eats all the time? I keep hiding his bags of cat food but he always finds a way to get to them and the last few times he has eaten the whole 2pound bag at one time. I had talked to his vet about this before and they just put him on Iams cat food, that worked for...
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    Howler and Kera Pics

  19. lovinmom828

    Dear Spike

    Dear Spike, I just hope this message reaches you I still think about you And wonder about your day Im sorry things ended up this way You were to young to be taken I was sure someone had been mistaken It couldn’t have been you but there you were and I knew my heart stopped and tears began welling...
  20. lovinmom828

    Crazy Frog

    Have you all heard of the crazy frog song? My 4 year old and my hubby are watching this clip all the time and laughing so hard it had me rolling on the floor here is the link to it LOL my son driving around on his little invble. motor too...