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    Is Runny Nose In Cat Dangerous ?

    I was walking by the sea and saw a cat who was sick. I realized that he/she has runny nose. Is this symptom is dangerous or temporary healt issue? I wanted to take this kitty vet but I did not have a cat carrier and enough money, because I am a student now. :(
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    Lucky Cat Is Eating Dinner At Bosphorus :)

    I was walking in the bosphorus which is in Istanbul, Turkey and see this beautiful cat.
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    What A Lovely Cat

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    The Cat Is Sad After A Seagull Steals Her/his Food

    I saw a cat who is hungry and give her/his food. Suprisingly a seagull came and attacked the cat. However I managed to feed both cat and seagull. :)
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    Playful Cat Came To Me While I Was Riding

    He was very beautiful.