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  1. kittygirl321

    For sushi lovers

    What's your favorite things to eat? I'd have to say sashimi toro 10084️
  2. kittygirl321

    Bathroom love bites??

    One of my kitties named Meals specifically loves to nibble/ more like love bites around my ankles/ calves when using the bathroom. Does anyone else experience anything like this? And I wonder why he specifically likes to do it in that specific moment? (Not trying to be gross sorry)
  3. kittygirl321

    I'd love some feedback ...

    Ok so it's a known fact I'm a crazy cat lady. I have three cats I adore and talk about all the time. My question is when does it become "too much" ? For example my boyfriend lives with me and he likes my kitties but he says I'm insanely obsessive about them and sometimes gets upset because I...
  4. kittygirl321

    Microchipping questions

    I just got my kitty microchipped and spayed / vaccinated yesterday didn't get her back till the end of the day, so I'm just curious where exactly do they place it? (Sorry if it's a stupid question) And if anyone has gotten their kitty microchipped has anyone ever had to use it? What was the...
  5. kittygirl321

    I still can't believe he's GONE! :'(

    I had a cat named Bunny- he was such a good kitty. He was half Siamese and half domestic short hair. But his coloring was all white with a tiny grey patch on the top of his head . I sometimes still blame myself for his death. When I got him I lived in a condo - so it was impossible for him to...
  6. kittygirl321

    New here adore kitties and have three of my own (Siamese)

    These are my 3 babies. The one the right is 'Meals' middle is 'Princess" and the left is 'Rolie' Hello to everyone and their kitties 10084️