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  1. J

    What can i feed wildbird? Parakeet seeds?

    Every time i go to the Walmart/Target/shopping strips in my area i usually toss them a handful of crushed dry cat food. I always have a bag in my car for feeding the feral cats so that’s two in one task. It gets a bit messy sometimes though. Can i just feed the birds , mostly crows and sparrows...
  2. J

    Help me get rid of cat odor in house or Im done :(

    I’ve been taking in animals of all sort off the street over the years. As a result, my house smells like Armageddon x 5 from pet urine. I’ve tried everything under the sun and nothing worked. Only thing that masks the smell is burning candels but it gets expensive and could potentially burn...
  3. J

    How can i tell if my cat got a broken foot?

    A feral im taking care of showed up today with a limp. Upon further inspection i noticed this from left leg is swollen with two punctures. It hurt to touch. How to tell if its broken? Im taking him to the vet as soon as i get off work thanks
  4. J

    People are jerks!

    I was feeding the little ones in the common area earlier tonight. As i turn to leave , a man in his 50s shoo the cats away. They werent on his property to begin with idk why he couldnt let them finish their dinner? Cant believe ppl are this selfish. Almost bust a U and wanted to kick his teeth...
  5. J

    Help me solve the mystery of dissapearing cats. Any pet detective on board?

    From time to time( every couple of wks) i’d find one or two members of the colony AWOL. They just seem to vanish in thin air. I searched everywhere in my small subdivision for bodies but nothing. Asked around the neighbors and they are as stumped as i am. If they got hit by a car surely...
  6. J

    Need help making winterwear for my ferals.

    It’s about to get colder here in Houston and im quite worry about the rascals. Does anyone here make waterproof outerwear for their cats?
  7. J

    Kitten Diaganosed With Fip Help!!

    i took in a stray kitten about a month or so ago. Today at the vet shes diagnosed with FIP which i was told theres no cure and 100% fatal. Almost cried when i heard this :( Right now she wobbly on her feet but still has a huge appetite. The vet recommended i put her down but i dinthbave the...
  8. J

    So What Is Cat Nip?

    Pardon the dumb question but what the heck it? What does it do? How much to use per cat?I just ordered a small tub after reading a comment on yahoo.
  9. J

    How Do You Know For Sure If A Cat Truly Loves You Or Shes Just In Heat?

    So, last night while i was busy doing something my white/orange cat that i took in a few months ago hopped onto my sofa and proceeded to lick my forearm and knead my shirt in the chest. I was pretty shocked becuase , you see, she hates other cats and always keep a distant from me. Always protest...
  10. J

    Ninja Cat Just Want To Say Hello And Wishing You A Happy Tuesday!

    I dont know how i got up on top of this 8ft door that was installed to keep me from going downstair. Do you have any pixs of your cute furry friends? Sometimes, I and my hooman like to sit in front of the computer and look at other pets Pixs. Happy Tuesday everyone! This is me a few months...
  11. J

    Stray Not Doing Too Well

    Took in this cutie pie a few days ago off the street where she couldnt move. She eats like a tiger but very lethargic. I could hear a little wheezing but its very faint. She normally doesnt move much and just gazed into the distance. Im taking her to the vet tomorrow but thought i would ask here...
  12. J

    Feeling Overwhelmed

    As some of you already know from my previous post, but for those that dont, I’m taking care of a colony in my mid size sub (Only four streets) However, I see more kittens every couple of weeks, eventhough I’ve tried to get the some of the females fixed there are some i missed or just wont go in...
  13. J

    What’s Your Thought On Iams Dry Cat Food? Let Me Have It!

    Ok so some of you guys know ive been dealing with stinky poops. Not mine, the cats’ :) Put them on herbal tape/round worm pills i got off of Amazon. Did the first treatment 4 days ago and cant really tell if it helps. I tried upgrade the cat food to Purina Naturals and that helped some. They...
  14. J

    My Diy Litter Box Deodorizer.

    i have tried everything under the sun to keep the smell down in my house. As soon as you walk in thru the front door the odor will knock you out cold :) Not to mention it will stick to your clothes. I’ve tried raw food, different brands of kibbles, and bought so many litter products from...
  15. J

    Ethic Question Would You Turn A Friend In?

    So, i know this guy for a number of years. Not the nicest guy in the world and you can almost called him scandalous, and yet im friend with him. The thing is I recently found out he attends **** fighting events here in Htown and post the video on FB. As some of you already knew, im an animal...
  16. J

    Left Wet Can Food In The Trunk For About A Week

    Forgot to bring it in. Im guessing it’s not safe being in the sun for that long and hate to waste about a week’s worth of cat food, but i thought i’d ask first to make sure. Thanks!
  17. J

    Need Food Recommendation For Smelly Poops Please!

    I wish i could claim my cats poo smells like rainbows and potpourri, but i cant :) My entire house smell like Waste Management. I’ve tried at least a dozen or so litters and none really helped. Ive tried raw food and some of thtem didnt care for it. I sometimes let the strays cat come inside...
  18. J

    Guess What My Neighbor Said About My Ferals Colony?

    We were downing a few cold ones and i told him about the colony i take care of. Guess what he told me i should do...drumroll...The idiot said to blindfold and dump them in the woods. I straight told him that was cruel. This came from a guy who worships his German sheperd. SMFH!
  19. J

    How Should I Approach My Neighbor About Keeping Her Dog In The Heat?

    My neighbor, down the street, whom i never talked to but from what i heard from my other neighbor she has a chow with a thich coat that she keeps in the patio with no fan or AC. The heat in Houston gets brutal from this time of the year until late oct. Needless to say, id like to clock her teeth...
  20. J

    A Stray Cat I Took In

    Ninja cat in training :)