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  1. merlin2000

    what breed is my kitten?

    WOW what a beautiful and striking face
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  8. Gradual Introductions Work!

    Gradual Introductions Work!

  9. merlin2000

    Gradual Introductions Work!

    That's a wonderful success story NewYork1303 with Carrot  and Angua and some beautiful pictures to illustrate the journey you have all made to building cat friendships
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  11. merlin2000

    My new kitten

    Lovely kitten , he looks like he might be a medium haired cat when he grows up .
  12. merlin2000

    Post your favorite photo of your cat!

    Tallulah and Ruby together , I am really happy these two are beginning to get closer
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  15. merlin2000

    Photobombs, Bloopers and Oopsies! Picture of the Month September 2015

    Took this picture as the sun was setting , Tallulah's face is perfectly lined up with sun , the spectrum of colours the camera picked up is quite magical. It's amazing the picture came out at all 
  16. tallulah kisses the sun .jpg

    tallulah kisses the sun .jpg

  17. merlin2000

    Post Pictures of Your Beautiful Long / Medium Haired Fluffy Cats Here

    My friend used to breed Himalayans , these three Molly , Little Baby and Doodle are all related , Molly in the top picture I posted is the mother of the other two. Little Baby lost  his eye to an infection when he was a kitten .