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    Feeding a FIV postive raw and home cooked - need help please

    Hi Ralphscats, I currently use U-Stew for my FIV+ cat. I do not feed raw to him because of the risk of bacteria, which his immune system would not be able to handle. I do feed raw to my other cat, though. Venison and beef would be a great protein to use, especially since you can use any protein...
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    Chester just tested positive for Feline AIDS - Feeling terrible..

    I've been informed that FIV was called Feline AIDs back in the 80s. It is no longer used in this day and age's terminology. I've also been told that my vet is very misinformed & misguided in regards to FIV cats. I guess I'll be seeing another vet, a holistic one, ASAP. Thank you for your story...
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    Chester just tested positive for Feline AIDS - Feeling terrible..

    Hello everyone,  My beloved cat Chester was just tested positive for feline AIDS (no Leukemia) ... He was a former feral until I took him in, I guess he got contracted it from a fight a while back. He is 1 year old right now. The vet told me he is expected to die within 2-3 years. I feel...
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    My aged cat.

    hello Rose. If your cat has a urinary infection, it's strongly advised to give her a water-rich diet if you aren't already - such as wet canned food. No dry, as kibble makes matters like this worse. The pheromones are definitely a good idea, it's known that they tend to calm cats down in...
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    No stripes, one stripe, two stripe, new stripes.

    that's really interesting! what a gorgeous cat.
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    Multi-Cat Homes: How do you do it?

    Yes, pretty much what Primal Cat has said - high water content is definitely needed in a cat's diet. Hell, even with the current canned foods, I always add an extra amount of water.
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    Multi-Cat Homes: How do you do it?

    Yeah.. I'm sure I could be really casual when it comes to pet food, like, just feed them dry food and occasional canned. It would save me a lot of money. But a lot of diseases and such arise when fed dry food, and it's very unhealthy for them. Personally, I wouldn't give fish. It's really bad...
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    Multi-Cat Homes: How do you do it?

    right! i've fed raw, homecooked, high quality canned, low quality canned... everything, at this point. the only thing i haven't tried was whole prey, which i've heard is very inexpensive. do you make your own raw food? or do you buy from a supplier, like Savage Cat? what canned food do you...
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    Multi-Cat Homes: How do you do it?

    I noticed that their Instinct chicken is the exact same as Ultimate protein!!! I was a bit confused by that. I sorta just thought, oh, maybe they just upped the amount of protein in the cans but kept the ingredients the same. So the dog brands are the same as the cat brands? I'll go check it...
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    Multi-Cat Homes: How do you do it?

    I've always been really cautious when it came to feline nutrition, and I've never fed my cats dry food. Right now, between the both of them, they eat 2 cans a day of Instinct Ultimate Protein canned food. It's 22$ for a pack of 12, 5.5oz cans. Since the cans are 5.5oz, I split them in half...
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    Opinions on Fromm

    I haven't heard of this brand before! Overall it looks pretty good, especially due to the lack of icky gums, carrageenan and fillers.  EDIT: So I was reading the reviews and unfortunately it looks like Fromm recently changed their formula, and now includes gums like Xanthan gum and Locus Bean...
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    9 Year Old Senior Cat

    I have not dealt with a similar problem since the cats I own were both extremely skinny rescues, however I can say that you need to stop feeding the cats dry food. Dry food is filled with carbohydrates and is verrrrry fattening for cats. Cats need a high protein diet with little to no carbs...
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    depression in cats?

    Depression in felines is definitely not something new. As for the biting, I do know animals - such as cats and dogs - can "self harm" in a way. It can range from excessive licking until the skin is raw, or anxious biting like you described here. Have you considered giving your cat enrichment...
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    Cats & Chicken Broth Question

    ahh okay! thanks for clearing this up for me, @Molly92 the Purebites idea is really neat! i never thought about that!! i'll try that out, actually! thank you (':
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    Cats & Chicken Broth Question

    Ollie never drinks from the water bowl, so I like to add a little water to his homemade meals everyday... but it isn't very much water. If I add too much, he'll reject the food all together.  So lately I began making fresh chicken broth everyday for my cat. He really, really seems to enjoy it...