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    Eye enucleation (socket closed) post-op swelling

    2 week update! His eye was drained again. All the liquid was clear with nothing (cells, bacteria, etc.) in it! So that’s a good sign. The vet didn’t think it looked any bigger than when he left the last time (another good sign it’s not continuing to swell). So, it’s another 2 week wait to see...
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    Siamese and other Colorpoint kitties thread 😻

    I think I saw you have a black cat as well? Is that one too cool? 🤣🤣 I feel like I always see these 3 musketeers together! ❤️
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    Eye enucleation (socket closed) post-op swelling

    Thanks everyone for the support and lovely posts! I know I had hard time finding information when it first happened, and was very worried not knowing what could be wrong! So I will continue to post updates and try to give lots of info and hopefully this can help others with similar issues! ❤️❤️
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    Sleepy babies 😴
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    Post The Last Picture Of Your Cat You Took

    Most recent photo is of sibling cuddles bonus: their first day together 🥲
  6. Zuko Videos

    Zuko Videos

    Little videos of Zuko!
  7. Zuko grooming Brady

    Zuko grooming Brady

    Sibling grooming
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    Eye enucleation (socket closed) post-op swelling

    (Not so) Quick update: Zuko had his check up appointment yesterday (2 weeks from his initial visit) and he eye had slowly re-swollen during that time. 1 week from initial appointment Day of 2 week checkup By the time of his checkup, his eye was back to the size when we initially brought him...
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    post funny picture and memes here

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane!
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    Do cats like water

    Cleo is so cute 🥰 My baby always stays close to me when I take a bath. He hates to get one himself, but like likes to play with my water 😂 baby to teen!
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    Post your sleeping beauties!!!

    My little vamp Zuko all stretched out
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    Ringworm? 12 week old kitten

    He was on oral medications, and we gave him a bath every other day with ringworm medicated shampoo our vet prescribed us! So the switching of toys, bedding etc, happened every other day! I never noticed much fur stuck to the sides specifically, but he did shed and track litter. When we cleaned...
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    Cats In Boxes!

    Couldn’t find him when we came home. Should’ve known… Even Brady was helping with the search.
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    Siamese and other Colorpoint kitties thread 😻

    oh my!! She’s beautiful!!