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    Any guesses on royal baby name?

    I like the name Frances (after my grandmother and also of course Baby in Dirty Dancing :))
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    Has your cat ever accidentally hurt you?

    Clyde used to climb up my back when he was a kitten to see into the sink (he has a thing about water) and for a few months I had permanent scratch marks on the back of my legs and lower back Luckily now he is bgger (and heavier) he just jumps onto the work surface so he can sit in the washing...
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    Any guesses on royal baby name?

    I like Isobelle or Isobella (however I have just finished reading the Twilight novels for the nth time so I may be biased!) I hope that Diana is in there somewhere (although i dont think it will be her first name) Not sure about Alice - but Victoria would be a good choice :)
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    grass eating

    I grow a regular supply and they get a few blades each day - they seem to love it Clyde was off colour over Christmas (he will eat anything and I am convinced that he ate something he shouldnt have) he ate grass, threw up and then was back to normal ! The only thing that freaked me out was...
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    Does Feliway really work?

    Not sure about the spray - but the plugins i use about a week before a big event (like bonfire night) and they do help we also used them when we first got Bonnie (as she was very nervous) and also when we were introducing her to Clyde I always keep one handy
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    My cat goes into a coma when he sleeps

    Clyde occasionally goes into a deep sleep like this - the other morning (about 2:30am !) I woke up to use the facilities (its an age thing) and he was stretched out at the bottom of the bed - totally still I was terrified as I couldnt see his chest move so I stroked him a and played with his...
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    Health for two kittens

    Hi there Ideally you should have 1 litter tray per cat + 1 more (so  3 for 2 cats) We have 2 cats and 3 litter trays and they share - they have even been known to use one at the same time (we have large ones because Bonnie could never get her backside in the smaller ones (these are the ones we...
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    Day-Old Abandoned Litter of Five

    Wonderful fur babies  - and wonderful Dusty
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    Day-Old Abandoned Litter of Five

    Definately WonderWoman :)
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    Day-Old Abandoned Litter of Five

    2 days and no updates :( hope everything is still going well
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    What is Cat Grass? Should I use it?

    I pull bits off and hand feed it to them (we dont have anywhere really to leave it down all the time) However we do have a spider plant in the bathroom and they both make a beeline for that when ever the bathroom door is opened !!
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    Broadline Flea and Worm Treatment

    Hi We are in the UK and it was what the vet recommended even though they are indoor cats - to be honest I never thought to question it ! Maybe I should ! Thank you
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    Broadline Flea and Worm Treatment

    OK so its that time when I have to treat my 2 furbabies again - they get done every couple of months as they are both indoor cats and this is what the vet recommended Clyde I moved to a seperate room and treated first - he is 100% domesticated and is never a problem Bonnie has been described...