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    Lazy Lucy

    here's the only decent picture of me and Lucy (she doesn't like to share the camera ) and here's Lucy sitting on the microwave.
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    Lazy Lucy

    thank you for all the nice words, Lucy appreciates them! here's Lucy looking out the window at rabbit outside.
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    Lazy Lucy

    she doesn't, i learned that the hard way. but she tempts me by rolling over all the time.
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    Lazy Lucy

    Lucy has spent most of the day sleeping and looking out the window.
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    Question of the Day: Thurs. Feb.24

    i'm 19 and i usually get about 3-4 hours a night (it's bc of homework) i need 8-10 usually, but i could sleep all day- i love sleeping.
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    What Was Your Cat(s) Name Before You Adopted Them?

    Lucy's name was Babs before i adopted her. i dont think Babs suits i changed her name
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    meet Lucy!

    thanks to everyone for replying. i actually feel so blessed to have her in my life! she's a special gift.
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    some pictures of lucy

    that is probably more like it. she sleeps on it even when i'm not there. it's okay though, because she's so adorable.
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    some pictures of lucy

    here's another picture of lucy sleeping on my bed.
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    question of the day mon 21st

    i usually eat dinner, watch some tv, and then waste the rest of my evening on the internet.
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    Bad Kitties

    i've gotten lucky so far, my cat hasn't messed up anything...i'm just waiting for that day to come. well, she did tip over her litterbox, but i think she just jumped out of it wrong. i usually leave her in my bedroom when i'm gone since there's not really anything to mess up in there.
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    What's wrong with this picture?

    i'm pretty sure that this is the cutest thing i have ever seen.
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    Ranger Pictures! (((Cuteness Warning!!!!)))

    he is beautiful! and i'm sure he will do great as a therapy dog.
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    meet Lucy!

    thank you! yes, she already runs the house and she's only been here a week.