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    Thinking about getting a bunny

    I've had good luck reliably litterbox training altered adult rabbits I've adopted using methods I read on the HRS website (article link here), but it does take a lot longer when you are dealing with a baby rabbit. I don't think it is rocket science...more understanding why certain things...
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    Sophie our bunny is really sick...we need vibes.

    My male rabbit has sensitivity to Feline Pine even though it is supposed to be the only safe pine type bedding for rabbits. We only found this out when we eliminated the bedding from his litter boxes after culture and sensitivity testing, ring worm tests and skin scrapings turned up nothing. We...
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    Nurse Kitties

    Copper is the nurse cat in our house and is very sensitive to both people an animals. He is not a super affectionate or lovy cat, which is why his behavior stands out to me. He knew something bad was going to happen when Mia was sick (and about to get much sicker) and wouldnâ€8482t leave her...
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    How would you take this?

    I can see why youâ€8482d be upset about what was possibly implied to her by someone else, but I really donâ€8482t interpret what she said as an accusation or out of line. She had the courtesy to ask and probably was trying not to offend your family or cause problems. Wouldnâ€8482t any of us do...
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    When our adopted puppy was diagnosed with sarcoptic mange the vet gave us some aloe and oatmeal shampoo that seemed to give her some relief from the extreme itching while we treated her. Maybe try something like that? I think the brand is Vet Solutions. He is sure fleas are the cause of the...
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    Help!!!! ( I Can't believe this!!!)

    If it comes to surrendering them, talk to the shelter beforehand and explain your circumstances. The shelter I worked at also charged a surrender fee, but would lower it or waive it if the person couldnâ€8482t afford to pay it. It would also be worth discussing what would/could happen if you do...
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    Attack of the Spyware!

    I've had good luck using this in the past and picked up things the virus scan I used to use will miss:
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    Rescue s and adoption pricing

    That fee is pretty typical for most of the giant breed rescues I’ve looked at as well. Not sure if I missed why a comparison is being made to shelter fees in this case... I don’t look at it as a bad thing as long as people don’t perceive it as one animal's life being worth or valued more than...
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    RIP mittens the bunny

    That is absolutely terrible! I don't even want to picture what that poor bunnies last days were like... I would seriously consider contacting the shelter she got the rabbit from to make sure they knew what happened and hopefully would not let her adopt aother animal from them.
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    6 year old cat and kitten behavior normal?

    Since the energy level of your kitten is going to be so much higher than that of your adult cat I would try to give him a different outlet for some of his energy so your older cat doesnâ€8482t feel harassed. Try wearing him out with some active play sessions with a wand toy or a laser pointer...
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    Multi-Cat homes- How do you stay organized?

    My cats do not go outside so fleas and worms are not an issue. Most their other care is daily routine (like the litter boxes or grooming) and they are free fed…so I donâ€8482t really have much I can mess up. I do use a calendar to keep track of vet appointments, when the dogs get their flea...
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    ARGH! I officially hate this one store! *Venting*

    The first time we had a problem with Pizza Hut I filled out a form online and they apologiesed for the incident and ended up sending us a coupon for a free pizza. For the record, the coupon was supposed to be honored at ANY location. When we went to actually use the coupon Pizza Hut refused to...
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    Help with a movie no one's heard of

    I don't remember if all three people were on the boat during a storm... but were you thinking of "Dead Calm" with Billy Zane, Sam Neil and Nicole Kidman?
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    Rabbit question...

    If she hasn't had any exposure to other rabbits it sounds like she might be having a false pregnancy. All my females have always been spayed, so aside from building nests I don't really know much about what causes it and if there are any health concerns surrounding it.
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    Venting about Microchipping and local shelter....

    When I talked to our regular vet about getting Jilaiya chipped they told me the same thing and told me I would need to pay extra if I wanted her registered in my name...that just seemed really wrong at the time and I am glad we didn't do it. Is there any where on Avid website that states this so...