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    Squirrel tells cat "come no closer"

     so cute. When the "thrill of the chase" suddenly turns unexpectedly, cats tend to look for another more interesting type of entertainment. I don't think Lexi has given up on squirrels. This one probably surprised her when it stood up to her. 
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    My cat seems afraid of our pet sitter!

    It's likely your friend's scent is what is frightening Arya. Maybe is the smell of other animals she handles including her dogs. Or it could just be the soap/shampoo/cologne she uses.  By the way, hope the scratch was not too bad. It's really not a good idea to make Arya or any cat for that...
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    Bathroom Issues

    Is it a recent behavior? What do you feed him? It might be a mild case of constipation although your vet will confirm if it is. 
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    Kitten Confusion

    I think you are worrying too much. Izzy and Luna are doing fine. I would not interfere too much. And relax! Cats tend to pick up on your feelings so if you are tense, they get tense. 
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    Why Do My Cats Chew/Scratch the Wall?

    I think it has to do with the way a particular item feels to the cat. Your chewer maybe enjoys the type of plastic in the bag and the wire. The same thing goes with the scratcher. I had two kittens that liked to peel the paint of the bottom of the walls (I think the term is "runner"?) first by...
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    Baby's training on a leash

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    Young cat is suddenly peeing on soft things, no UTI. Please help.

    Hi! So health wise he is okay - like normal blood count, kidneys, liver okay, no sprains, etc.? He is behaving as usual, active, playful, loves cuddles? Have you changed perfumes/ colognes? even soaps or shampoos? It could be that a new scent is triggering his spraying. 
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    Teaching cats their names

    Cats are smart creatures. They know their names when you call them. They just choose to ignore you when they feel like it.  In my experience, the best time to "teach" them their names is during meal times. Say their names when you present them with their full food dish. 
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    New here and just adopted a sweetheart with a shortish fuse

    In my experience, I let cats tell me when enough is enough when it comes to petting them. It works out for everybody. 
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    Recent Territorial Marking War - I'M GOING CRAZY

    Other than making sure both Dexter and Buddy have been checked out okay by the veterinarian, I suggest you make sure all those marked spots have been cleaned properly. Even if you can no longer smell where Dexter sprayed, he can. 
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    Cats not getting along

    It reads like Ziggy is a bully and Molly is trying her best to handle him. Does he pick on her at random or when you are giving attention to Molly? One of my cats pushes away (sometimes chases) another cat that I am petting. She is not as persistent as Ziggy because the others know how to deal...
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    what to expect from young male cat and older male cat getting acquainted

    Gosh, it looks like they are getting along. Hissing at a newcomer is normal. But to actually wrestle without trying to hurt each other is pretty awesome. Congrats!
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    Neighborhood cat

    I think he is just a friendly cat. My Ishki goes to my neighbors across the street and hangs out for a while. I don't know if they give her treats but probably they do or she would not be visiting them that often.   However, she comes when I call and acts the usual way. Even when I get angry...
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    My kitten is crazy :/

    Actually, your Moe is pretty normal.    Does he have toys? Wands specially satisfy his hunting instinct and tire him out so he will not be interested to go after your legs/hands. Also, you can hiss at him when he even tries to bite. Mama cats do that to discipline their young. Moe seems to be a...
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    Cat can't jump?

    Meeko is still young and he could be the kind of cat that just opts not to jump for now. I assume he's been checked out okay by his veterinarian? He may look okay to you, but cats are known to hide any health issues until they become obvious. But if there are no problems I would just give Meeko...