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    Name Three Things - 2019

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    Name Three Things - 2019

    1/ Went out to get the things l needed for... 2/ Cast some "rocks" for the rock/stone painting group l joined. 3/ Painted a couple of stones. Just need to seal them and then hide them out in the community for people to find and keep or rehide.
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    Question Of The Day, Friday, August 2

    What's your favorite color? Black What's the color of your car? Deep metallic blue What's the main color in your bedroom? Pewter grey and white What's the color of your front door? White What color do you like to wear? Black.
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    Selling A House/flooring Question

    l bought my house 6 months ago and the previous owners put slate tile in the kitchen and l love it, it's beautiful and easy to clean. l'm not a fan of wood flooring in a kitchen. Maybe if you agree on house price you could put in their choice of (agreed to) flooring before they move in, rather...
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    Question Of The Day, Sunday 5 May, 2019

    lf l won the lottery today, l'd stay right here! l'm an immigrant here in Canada for 40 years, living in a small, friendly little town with awesome neighbours. l love it here.
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    My First Cat, Maggie

    What a beautiful girl! l enjoyed reading your rescue story and look forward to more.
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    Breeding British Shorthairs Question

    l'm going to throw this out there: l was going to buy a blue BSH from a breeder, only to have the kitten die. I waited for the next litter next year same parents - kitten died. I was refunded my money. This breeder was not blood-typing her cats, and BSHs are one of the breeds that high a high...
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    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you all so much for the warm welcomes, I'm happy to have found this site :) I'll have to figure out how to make a footer so I can post Wrigley the Wrex and the rest of the clan.
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    I Am New On The Site!

    Hi Elizabeth and Binx :wave3:. l'm a newbie here too, there is so much information on this site! Are you sure Binx is a male? lt may be the colouring of the camera but it looks like there's a little Torbie going on.
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    Question Of The Day - Monday, March 25, 2019

    I love fixing things, but I'm not sure I'm really good at it. I fixed my snowblower this winter, and I've built a basement, wired in lights, etc. But for the life of me I couldn't fix my lawn-mower, even when youtube said it was a "beginner fix".
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    Hi Everyone!

    Thank you all for the welcome! Yes, that is my bat-eared newcomer in the avatar. He is such a flurry of activity that all my picture attempts have been blurry. The only time he'll keep still is when he's being cuddled. He has such a bold and sociable personality, he's quite the handful. I...
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    Hi Everyone!

    I picked up my new kitten yesterday and thought I'd join a group to share kitty events, advice, etc. New kitty (Wrigley) is a Cornish Rex, 15 weeks old. He's the 4th cat in my menagerie ... er, family. I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone.