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    Featured New Cat Has Smelly Paws

    Unneutered males that age smell terrible. It should get better after he's neutered. It'll take about a month or so to see major results, but you might see a small improvement right away. But if he continues to get pee on his paws (which, ick, no matter if he's neutered or not), a different...
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    Could you unlearn your first language?

    Yeah I tend to pick up people's accents when I talk to them. To the point where I'm afraid they'll think I'm making fun of their accent :/. If I moved somewhere with a British-type accent I'd be fully accented by the end of the month, lol. It seems like that's what my mouth is shaped for. When...
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    Wellllll. . .I also know a girl who was born with a full head of black hair, then it fell out and grew back blonde :D. So who knows.
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    My parents both have dark hair. My mom has brown eyes and my dad has green eyes. I was born with a lot of dark hair, and it's always been nearly black. Also dark brown eyes. The next kid had extremely blonde hair and blue eyes. The youngest had reddish hair (I don't think he's genetically...
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    is there an health issue here - poo pic

    Too many berries in that to be cat poop. I think it's from a raccoon. (Or did you see him do it? If so, keep an eye on his other poops as much as you can; it may be something he ate, but if it keeps up a vet visit wouldn't hurt.)
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    Could you unlearn your first language?

    My mom's first language was Spanish (she grew up in Panama, and while her family and community spoke English, her maid/nanny spoke Spanish so that's what she spoke first), and she has never forgotten it, although she feels that her grammar is that of a small child so she doesn't like to speak it...
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    Our lilacs are blooming!

    Some people on Facebook (who live in this area) are saying their irises and lilies are blooming too. It's been raining more than it did all year and it has been 70+ degrees during the day so I can't blame them for thinking it's spring!
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    Boy or Girl

    I think the orange one is a boy and the dark tabby is a girl. Dark tabbies have those confusing dots but you can see the opening is a slit. Be careful! Female cats can go into heat as young as 4 months so you'll want to get them fixed pretty early to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.
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    How old is everyone?

    I kinda feel like American Italian culture departed from Italy Italian culture a long time ago, lol. Same with American Irish. Americans are big on being "proud" of one's identity in general.
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    What's For Dinner? - 2021

    Some stores sell canned or jarred dolmas, which sounds terrible but they actually retain a decent texture and taste very nice once you warm them up (or refrigerate them, if you prefer). If you're really having a hankering they'll do nicely :D. I might try to make something tonight, I've been...
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    Is my kitten a boy or girl ?

    Yep, a girl! She's very cute and floofy!
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    Our lilacs are blooming!

    Poor confused lilacs, lol. This has been a weird year.
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    Is my Charlie a snowshoe cat?

    The actual Snowshoe breed is rare, but I've heard that pattern called snowshoe enough that I think it's in fairly common use. He's gorgeous! I especially like that picture with the plant, he looks very dapper.
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    I once was browsing the state's animal welfare laws (not great in this state!) and one that surprised me said that a human must check on any domestic animal at least once every 24 hours. Now, I doubt that's enforced unless something goes wrong, and it was probably written with farm animals in...
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    Twin Rabbits

    Usually the males are friendlier! I wonder if bunnies can have different daddies like kittens can. Although if she bred them on purpose she likely only put the mom with one male, but who knows.