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    Question of the Day, Friday, July 23

    No, I dont like jewelry. Only earrings, and I don't even really like to wear them but I once tried leaving them out for a year and I don't like how the empty holes look so I guess I'm stuck with them :tongue: . Right now I'm wearing medium-thick huggie hoops, probably haven't taken them out for...
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    Favourite form of eggs - You can only pick one!

    I'm gonna go with deviled eggs. Of course for a meal I'd want an omelette or fried (I guess you can call it sunny side up but must be cooked through) but at a family dinner I can put back a good number of deviled eggs. Of course it depends what people put in the yolks too.
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    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    Sanford Health has decided to mandate vaccinations for all employees. They have to be vaccinated by Nov 1st. They said 70% of nurses are already vaccinated, and I assume the other 30% will be difficult about it so it could get interesting.
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    I don't really know; I've never done my own geneology 😬. I assume an (or similar site) membership would be a good place to start.
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    Is this good Straw

    If you just want a carpet type thing, it would work. Not as bedding though.
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    You just never know with geneology. I know someone who started looking into their family history, their last name was McGregor so of course the assumption was that their background was Scottish. It turns out that they were German; the family name was just Gregor but somewhere along the...
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    Sexing Kittens

    Yep, they're girls. Tabbies can be hard because the dark spots can look like tiny testicles.
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    My sister’s kitty Bixby—any idea what his breed is?

    I'd guess Ragdoll on first glance. Do you know if she got him from a breeder or not?
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    Can I use dog Frontline Plus on 12 week old kittens?

    Frontline Plus is the same for cats and dogs. Also Advantage II. You just have to make sure to get the dosing correct (easily found online). Revolution can also be used on cats and dogs but some formulas have a different dosage per ml so it's a bit more complicated. No other products should be...
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    I feel bad at neutering my cat

    Trust me, you won't feel bad about neutering him if you wait until he's a full tom ;). I have a boy that I put off neutering until he was 15 months old (last year, COVID and all, idk, just didn't get around to it), and I was about ready to yeet him through the nearest window, lol (this is a...
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    For the house, there are taxes. Usually a few hundred a month, could be more depending on the area and value of the home (I saw a house for sale in Sioux Falls that had taxes of $6,000 a month! More than I make just for house taxes!). Insurance, also a few hundred a month or more. If she has...
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    The only reason it would come up is if she ever needs Medicaid. If she has as much in savings as you say, she won't need Medicaid, so there's no reason it would come up or be mentioned in any legal papers.
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    There are people who saved their entire lives and still end up on Medicaid. $60,000 a year for assisted living plus whatever other medical expenses aren't covered by insurance means your savings don't last long. I'm sure nobody WANTS you to give up the house, just wondering if you're prepared...
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    The "what's On Your Mind?" Thread -2021

    Yep. Well, they don't technically "take the house"; that's probably a poor way to put it. What it is, is that you have to spend down all your assets before you qualify for Medicaid. You can have $2000 in assets and that's IT. Car, house, bank account, everything, cannot total more than $2000...
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, July 20

    Tried not to call them anything, lol. I was a weird kid and didn't like to use people's names and/or titles. But we referred to both sets as Grandma/Grandpa [lastname], except my dad would refer to his own parents as "your grandmother/grandfather [lastname]", which seemed overly stuffy but maybe...