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    Apparently, I've been doing it all wrong...and I'm not alone.

    I like reading "I was today years old" posts. A common one is that a lot of people don't know that plastic wrap and foil boxes have little things on the ends to punch in so the roll doesn't fall out when you pull on it. And in the same vein as applying antiperspirant at night, you aren't...
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, February 12, 2020

    They're milder than red radishes, and have a slightly different flavor. Yep, you can slice them or shred them or whatever you do with regular radishes (unless you make roses ;)). I think you'll like them!
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    Apparently, I've been doing it all wrong...and I'm not alone.

    All antiperspirants work the same way :dunno:. I shouldn't say it absorbs, because it doesn't. What it does is clogs your sweat ducts. So once it's had time to get nice and deep into those pores, it doesn't wash off, no matter what time you put it on. This article explains it: You’ve been...
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    Apparently, I've been doing it all wrong...and I'm not alone.

    Supposedly, it soaks into your skin and won't wash off after a few hours.
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    Question of The Day. Saturday 15th of February.

    I probably like tea more, but I drink more coffee, just because it's easier to find at restaurants, gas stations, etc. I have a Costco-brand 5-hour energy type thing in the morning for my caffeine fix, so tea and coffee are just for the taste and maybe an afternoon boost. I like coffee with a...
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    Convincing my parents

    Haha, moms! My mom is constantly worried about my brother, who lives in a "bad neighborhood" in Sioux Falls (because the rent is cheap). But even a "bad neighborhood" in Sioux Falls is practically Mr Roger's Neighborhood. Talk to the realtor. They know a lot about local crime rates and stuff...
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, February 12, 2020

    I've seen it at some better grocery stores. It might be called something else like white radish, Chinese/Japanese radish, winter radish. It looks like a big white carrot.
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, February 12, 2020

    Are they daikon? Daikon are so much better than red radishes. Kinda random, but I love Helen Reddy. I always had a crush on her as Nora on Pete's Dragon (I watched that movie SO MANY times as a kid, mostly because of her), but I didn't know about her in general. Then a few years ago, probably...
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    Question of the Day, Friday, February 14

    Yeah that's my time period too. We also got old cartoons in between shows (because military TV didn't have commercials) so they played the silly ones like Jabber Jaws, Dinky Doggie, various Looney Tune/Disney shorts, etc. Has anyone seen "Pigs Is Pigs"? That was totally my favorite short, lol...
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    Life's Betta With A Fish

    It's hard to say because goldfish are terrible fin nippers. So it could be ammonia, it could be fighting, it could be the goldfish. They don't look TOO bad yet though. No damage down to the body (it won't grow back if it goes that deep). That green one with red fins looks really cool! I want...
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    Life's Betta With A Fish

    Idk. $40 might be ok if the fish don't look too bad ($5 each).
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    Life's Betta With A Fish

    $50 for fish in poor condition seems like a lot. Does the tank come with them? The females could stay together, and you could even divide the 5g if you had to (2.5g each is fine, on the low side but still fine). The 40g as a sorority tank could be a lot of fun. But I'd try to talk the seller...
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    Has the kitty been examined extensively? Is it known if they have both sets of reproductive organs, or are they just visually ambiguous? Are you going to adopt them? :D
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    At First, I thought I was reading about a Lifetime Movie

    Here's the New York magazine article that got the investigation going: The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence They weren't living in dorms, just on-campus housing, and he "crashed" with them. It sounds like he has one of those personalities that just bulldozes everybody else and nobody wants to rock...
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    New Kitten! Feline Leukemia?

    It's best to keep a new cat separate for a while anyway, to let him settle in before attempting introductions. So that gives time to get him to the vet for his own testing. Since his mom tested negative and he's pretty young, he's almost certainly negative too, but it's nice to be sure.