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    Question of the Day, Friday, February 14

    I watched that one too. Was it The Pink Panther????
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    Happy Valentine's day!

    And from Willow::
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    Raw Meat Sources I Buy From

    If you have Winco's, that's been very inexpensive for me since I made the switch from prepared raw. I'm using EZComplete.
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    Dumping unwanted pets

    It doesn't just happen in rural areas. I was sitting in my car in a residential area a few weeks ago and someone across the street just drove off and abandoned their Alaskan Malamute mix. I didn't want him to get hit by a car and we didn't have a leash or a fenced yard to put him in, so the...
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    Help Describe My New Kitty

    Her coloring is truly striking. I would describe her as a dilute tortoiseshell or perhaps a torbie. Her head shape looks very oriental to me, and she is slender like a Russian Blue rather than stocky like a British Blue. The fact that she is vocal is another clue that she might have recent...
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    First time cat owner...

    Congratulations. It's a kitten. I'm going through this in reverse with my dogs, since I'm more of a cat person and haven't had puppies since I was a kid. They are very different species, but they can and do get along. I hope your little guy brings lots of joy and surprises to your life and that...
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    Can’t sleep without my cat in bed

    I'm sorry, but I have to agree with Grey Lady. The girl was a dud. I hope you were able to break it off with her as easily as possible, remain friends if it was meant to be, and get some sleep in your own bed with your own cat. There will be other girls but your cat is your cat.
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    Wanna be raw/home-made cat foodie

    I buy culls from a pet breeder who is actively working on the health and temperament of her strains. We had a bit of an emergency when one of her little rattie boys, who she was planning on using for stud, turned out to have a fatal congenital colon condition and he needed a CO2 tank to ease his...
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    Question of the Day, Friday, February 14

    I watched Sealab 2020, but I distinctly remember thinking that I did NOT want to live to see 2020.
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    Paul's Big Adventure

    Paul is absolutely gorgeous. Silly mean woman! Black cats have always brought me good luck, personally. I've been lucky enough to share my life with quite a few of them.
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    How much liver is too little liver?

    My understanding is that cats should have the same basic 80-10-10 ratio as dogs, but I'm still too confused about bone and supplements to go all out DIY for Willow. For my dogs, though, I am shooting for 5% liver and 5% kidney or other secreting organ. Willow loves her organs so maybe Krista...
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    Allergies in the family: grooming/bathing my dsh

    My little moggie is currently brushed and combed 2-3 times a week, has her nails done, and is getting accustomed to having the hair between her pawpads trimmed. She had one bath when she came home because of fleas and then everybody went on flea meds. I don't normally bathe my cats and since...
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    Just For Fun poll: How big do you think Rain will get?

    I think our little blue girls definitely rescued us. <3 I guessed that she's going to be a big girl, like my Willow, but let's hope they stay under 10 lbs. Willow is about a month older than Rain and that's about the time she started getting VERY affectionate towards me, even though she's...
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    Cannabis is good for anxiety, even though Prop 64 has not been very good for cannabis. I hope that things are better for all of us soon. Please be careful with your finances and ask for free samples if you have not already done so. I would be cautious with THC and kittens for the same reasons...