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    Non-Regenerative Anemia

    . Hi @LuxBear ! I'm really short on time this afternoon, but I wanted to let you know that there's an online group of folks/community whose sole focus is feline anemia (and there are others too, dedicated to most feline diseases/ opposed to general forums like TheCatSite)...
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    5 year old cat at death's door. Vets don't know why.

    . Hi @KelseyKatz ! All of this is a textbook example of classic symptoms..........of severe constipation. To start, have a read of this: "First, to ensure we are on the same page, here are several definitions and/or possible symptoms of constipation: infrequent (and frequently incomplete)...
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    Help please baby cat EMERGENCY

    . About keeping him warm - @Jcatbird just sent me a note that I should also show you this: Homemade DIY Heating Pad for Pets - Jackson Humane Society Do you think he's old enough to know how to use a litterbox? Once things settle down, and if you posted a picture, we could get a sense for his...
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    Help please baby cat EMERGENCY

    . Somebody else who could help is @catsknowme . If you happen to have unflavored pedialyte in the house, you can use it too, either in the formula or by itself. From your description, it sounds like he would be dehydrated, and the pedialyte will balance out his system. Keep him warm, too...
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    Help please baby cat EMERGENCY

    . Just in case you try to use a nipple & bottle or a syringe (only if he's too young to drink from a dish), it's critical that you don't feed him with his head down or when he's on his back - kittens can easily 'choke' that way, get milk into their lungs ("aspirate") and that can cause pneumonia...
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    Help please baby cat EMERGENCY

    . OK - so you're looking at recipe #4, the last one ? That one says to use equal parts of the mixture and boiling, an ounce of the mixture and an ounce of water.....2 oz mixture and 2 oz water, etc. The boiling water helps to mix the ingredients better, but also to warm up the...
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    Help please baby cat EMERGENCY

    . I've never used these - I know the kitten folks are always recommending the Karo for a 'quick energy boost' - my instinct says it's not essential, though. I would go for it - remember, just the yolk.....none of the egg white. .
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    Help please baby cat EMERGENCY

    . @StefanZ @Sarthur2 @Willowy .
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    Help please baby cat EMERGENCY

    . Hi Stargirl212 ! Have a read through these recipes: Emergency Kitten Formula- Meantime, perhaps we can rustle up one of our kitten experts! Keep us updated. .
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    . In a word...........YES ! If you want a second word, that would be "powder".......get the bottle of powder.........huge money-saver, easier to use, easier to adjust dosing.....just make sure you have a 1/4 or1/8tsp measuring spoon in the house! .
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    What do after FIP cat passes?

    . OMG :flail: - no, I didn't, and no, it's not your phone.........'twas my fault ! One more try, then: Veterinary Nursing Journal - FIP: Answers to FAQs - Dianne D> Addie PhD, BVMS, MRCVS ..........seems to have worked ! .
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    What do after FIP cat passes?

    . Hi again, ct970. Here's a recent piece from (probably) the most internationally recognized Vet to be associated with FIP research - it covers the detail you're needing. Thinking of you guys (with very heavy hearts) :redheartpump: .
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    Kidney failure

    . Hi Linwidd and welcome to the forum ! I really need to get some beauty sleep shuteye, but quickly, here's a reliable reference for you about that product: Tanya's Comprehensive Guide.... Kidney Support Gold. Honestly, the very best information and support IME, is available from the...
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    Mark on nose?

    . Hi jahzara ! To me, it sounds like one form of a condition called (are you ready for a mouthful ? :lol:) Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex - the plaque 'type'. There is a relationship to some 'acne' types in that they are immune-related. Anyway, here's a reliable coverage for you: EGC -...
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    Does homeopathic treatment for cats work?

    . Hi Bosca19 and welcome to the forum ! Those of us who have been 'around the block' with cats know very well - sometimes we have learned, and sometimes at considerable cost to our cats' health - that there are Vets, and then, there are competent feline Veterinarians. The best of these will be...