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    Unexpected vet diagnosis

    I am so sorry.:alright:
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    Question of the Day, Sunday 10 November, 2019

    I have reread Terry Pratchett's Discworld books dozens of times. They make me laugh, but they also contain so much wisdom.
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    Possible solution to cats waking you up for food

    I have read so many threads about cats waking up their humans for food. I've seen countless comics about "kitty alarm clocks". I just wanted to put this out there as a suggestion. We currently have 7 cats and they don't wake us up for food and none of our previous ones over the past 30 years...
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    I like it with rum. Sometimes I will throw in a dash of orange juice too.
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    Vetmedin shortage

    Spike is on Vetmedin for her DCM. I stopped by the vet to pick up her refill, and they were out. They said there is a shortage of the medication. (Really annoyed that they didn't tell me this when I phoned in the refill request 4 days prior) I frantically began checking with online companies and...
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    Black Cats Only

    Buddy 💓
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    Age is a state of mind, but...

    I've gone to the same grocery store for years and would chit-chat with the cashiers. Every time I bought baby food for the cats, one of them would say "Oh, you have a baby!" I will never forget the day that it changed to "Oh, you have a grandchild!"
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    FIV+ & FIV- Living Together?

    He usually only had labs done once a year although there were a few times at the six month mark we did them. He had his teeth cleaned twice and two teeth removed. He was supposed to get a dental this past summer, but he passed before then.:sniffle:
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    FIV+ & FIV- Living Together?

    FWIW Rocky was fiv+ and lived with our fiv- cats for 8 years. There were no issues. He never made any of the others sick. He was non-aggressive, shared food and water dishes, and groomed the other cats. The only difference between him and the others was that instead of an annual check-up, we...
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    Cats only meow to humans?

    We hear all the normal chirps and trills from them, but ours meow to each other - usually when they are looking for each other. Sometimes I will sit on the patio and just watch the cats through the windows. They will meow to instigate play or to locate where the particular cat is that they want...
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    Cats only meow to humans?

    I have read it dozens of times, Cats only meow to humans. My cats are apparently unaware of this, because they meow to each other often. Am I the only one? Do your cats meow to each other?
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    Tips and Tricks for Managing High Prey Drive

    A favorite in my house when I can't play (like while I'm cooking dinner). I take a small motorized cat toy that runs on watch batteries (similar to a hexbug). I cover the living room floor with sheets of newspaper and let the toy run loose under the paper. The cats love it. They hunt it down...
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    Anxious and worried about my cat after sibling cat died.

    I am so very sorry for the loss of Cashew. As others have said, different cats grieve in different ways. I think giving yourself as well as Walnut time to deal with the loss is important. That being said, we had one instance where we brought in a kitten soon after losing one, and it turned out...
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    Ac broke down should i worry about the cats?

    I hope your friend can fix it. I live in Florida too and it's miserable without ac.
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    Ac broke down should i worry about the cats?

    I think I have read that fans don't help cats. They help us because we perspire and the fans evaporate the sweat, but cats don't perspire. I think that's what was said, anyway. Could you get a small window AC? This time of year they are often on clearance.