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    Am I crazy? (Questions, self-doubt, looking for reassurance)

    We have been through several adult cat introductions. We were very lucky that none of ours were very territorial or interested in fighting, so I don't know if this will be very helpful, but I think a positive attitude helps a lot. If you are feeling tense when the cats can see one another, I...
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    Show me your Christmas tree (if you have one!)

    I love the pattern the lights on our tree make on the walls and ceiling. It looks very trippy!
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    Was "Santa" good to everyone?

    I got a Shark Steam Mop, something I've wanted for a long time. My most unexpected gift was one of those fireproof safes that you keep important documents in. I never would have thought to put it on my wish list, but it is very practical and something everybody should have. My best gift was...
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    Question of the Day, Wednesday, December 25th, 2019

    I like to have a meal that is easy to prepare on Christmas. Last night I made a pineapple upside down cake and for our dinner today I'm making roast beef with potatoes and carrots. If I'm feeling energetic, I may try to make some of those soft pretzels like they sell at the mall.
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    NO clue what to get them for Christmas!

    Everytime I get a hole in one of my socks, I save it to make cat toys with it. Either little mice or longer kicker toys, just filled with stuffing and cat nip. They love these way more than store bought mice. This year I found a good deal on cardboard scratcher refills, so bought 10 of them...
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    At our (and the cat's) wits end w/subcutaneous fluids

    We went the other way with the needle. We used a larger needle so the fluid went in faster. Buster was pretty good with the initial stick, it was only a problem when the fluids ran slowly. In the beginning, it was a two person job. One to hold him while the other administered fluids. Eventually...
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    Is it safe to introduce a new cat in a play pen?

    We have a playpen with a mesh topper that is held in place with Velcro around all sides. Over the years, we have had three different kittens that we attempted to keep in it temporarily. Every one of the little buggers managed to figure out how to get out. I think the longest took two days. The...
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    Unexpected vet diagnosis

    I am so sorry.:alright:
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    Question of the Day, Sunday 10 November, 2019

    I have reread Terry Pratchett's Discworld books dozens of times. They make me laugh, but they also contain so much wisdom.
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    Possible solution to cats waking you up for food

    I have read so many threads about cats waking up their humans for food. I've seen countless comics about "kitty alarm clocks". I just wanted to put this out there as a suggestion. We currently have 7 cats and they don't wake us up for food and none of our previous ones over the past 30 years...
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    I like it with rum. Sometimes I will throw in a dash of orange juice too.
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    Vetmedin shortage

    Spike is on Vetmedin for her DCM. I stopped by the vet to pick up her refill, and they were out. They said there is a shortage of the medication. (Really annoyed that they didn't tell me this when I phoned in the refill request 4 days prior) I frantically began checking with online companies and...
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    Black Cats Only

    Buddy 💓
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    Age is a state of mind, but...

    I've gone to the same grocery store for years and would chit-chat with the cashiers. Every time I bought baby food for the cats, one of them would say "Oh, you have a baby!" I will never forget the day that it changed to "Oh, you have a grandchild!"
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    FIV+ & FIV- Living Together?

    He usually only had labs done once a year although there were a few times at the six month mark we did them. He had his teeth cleaned twice and two teeth removed. He was supposed to get a dental this past summer, but he passed before then.:sniffle: