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    Anxious for Athena

    Update: the vet thinks it's okay to wait until this evening for an appointment. They're giving her a Cerenia injection and then some bland food to start her on after she fasts for 12 hours.
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    Anxious for Athena

    I also realized that the new cleaning product I started using has lemon and lemongrass oils, which are toxic to cats and can cause GI issues. I used it to clean the bathroom Saturday afternoon, and I wonder if she licked some of it. I feel terrible -- I normally check all the ingredients on a...
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    Anxious for Athena

    Thank you for checking in! Well, she threw up her whole dinner last night right after I went to bed (my sister, a veterinary assistant, cleaned it up and told me this morning), but she was cuddly and purring this morning, walking all over me to get me up, and ate her breakfast like normal. I...
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    Anxious for Athena

    They meant that she's not hiding, still being affectionate and playful, etc. But yes -- I gave her some dry food (normally they only eat wet) and she gobbled it all up. Crossing my fingers that it stays down. And she has had diarrhea again, but there was a longer period between bathroom trips --...
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    Anxious for Athena

    Hi, all, My 2.5-year-old kitty Athena has been having frequent diarrhea since yesterday afternoon and has vomited up last night's dinner and today's lunch. I tried giving her some plain chicken and rice with a bit of plain pumpkin mixed in (she LOVES pumpkin -- eats it straight off the spoon)...
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    The feets!

    So proper!
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    How to stop a cat from kneading?

    Your mom needs to rehome this cat. Horrific treatment of this poor baby.
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    Could use some input on releasing a 10 week old kitten

    Maybe try posting in the Cat SOS section on this site, including your location.
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    Could use some input on releasing a 10 week old kitten

    Also, where are you located? Maybe someone on this forum can help.
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    Could use some input on releasing a 10 week old kitten

    I really don't see a good outcome for him if you release him now. Like @Babypaws asked, is there someone (not a rescue) who would be able to take him? Can you use an app like NextDoor to feel people out?
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    Newly Adopted Cat, I have some questions! The best cat food The best dry cat food
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    Is it funny that someone wants to brush their cat teeth?

    One of my kitties loves getting her teeth brushed (and she also likes to chew on the brush on her own time, without toothpaste!). My boy HATES it. But! I've recently gotten this double-headed toothbrush, and it's made it SO MUCH easier to get both sides of their teeth: Petosan Double Headed Dog...
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    Tabby? Bengal? Egyptian Mau? Mix? Help end this debate, please!

    They're adorable domestic shorthairs with tabby markings. 95% of cats are no particular breed! It's not like dogs. (You can tell your parents that.)
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    My 1 year old tortie was spayed yesterday

    Yes, that looks fine! If there's pus or blood, or it gets inflamed, contact your vet. You don't need to keep her in a carrier.