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    Post Your Cats On Your Bed

    But I’m only half in the bed ... Not quite in the bed by Wags posted Feb 18, 2019 at 7:40 PM
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    Seek Your Thoughts - What Does My Cat Look Like?

    He is a very fine looking cat - I can see some rb influence especially with that flatter nose profile, some other thing not quite so much. Niki won’t ferch either lol loves ‘catching’ toys but then I have to go to to other end of the hall and throw them again (this can go on for quite some time...
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    Cats Watching Sport

    At the moment Niki is completely enthralled by the cricket (Australia v Pakistan in this instance) ... she sits there soooo long she can’t keep herself awake. Have to turn it off to give her a break. Doesn’t especially like movies lol just sport, cricket and tennis are her favourites watching...
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    Show me the smiles!!

    Niki - my smiling girl Valentines Day hug by Wags posted Feb 14, 2018 at 12:45 PM
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    Contest September 2018 P.o.m. - Cat Photos In Black And White

    Thanks Niki is my smiling girl - I love the way she draps her paw somewhere, loves lap sitting but always likes to have one paw touching skin if she can.
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    Contest September 2018 P.o.m. - Cat Photos In Black And White

    Nikita ‘Niki’ Valentines Day hug by Wags posted Feb 14, 2018 at 12:45 PM
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    I was hesitant to get involved in this discussion, not wanting at add to your feelings of being criticised. We are just concerned cat lovers and onwners looking out for cats and kittens everywhere. I just wanted to clarify that saying ‘kitten mill’ is not saying your handsome cat isn’t pure...
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    Adopted Stray Kitten!!

    Hope you enjoy the cat owning - although often with cats you are the one who is owned lol Adorable stripes on the legs
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    Russian Blue & Persian Mix?

    Ooooh my spelling was so bad ... have corrected it - may not be so entertaining now lol Niki has longer belly fur too right where it was shaved when she was spayed, its really soft. Yes Niki is very loving - but she cracks me up sometimes when she wants to play ... she dances down the hall...
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    Russian Blue & Persian Mix?

    Mouse is so gorgeous, such a beautiful coat. Niki is a paw curler too lol I just don’t have a good photo of her doing it, I’ll try next time she is asleep (she is a bit frustrated with me at the moment - I have a pulled muscle and can’t run up and down the hallway like crazy playing fetch ... I...
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    Russian Blue & Persian Mix?

    Hi there, Kira is lovely. Rb’s eyes settle anout 8 months and it does start with green around the iris (my understanding is that all kittens are born with blue eyes and they change from there). So you know she’s not a pure bred from the start (I think I read that right?) so I am not sure how to...
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    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    Some many beautiful cats :) Here is Niki mid yawn lol mid yawn lol by Wags posted Aug 9, 2018 at 9:00 AM