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    What houseplants will cats avoid?

    I have yet to find a houseplant my cats won't molest. The half-life of a potted plant around here is about two hours. They chop them right down right to the dirt!
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    Rescued pregnant cat...

    Perhaps a sock full of rice you can microwave for a nest heater. KMR for supplemental feeding, which mama can also have, for supplemental calcium.
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    My cat lost a fang, is it normal?

    No, I believe the adult tooth should be making itself known by now. My most-recent kitten's fang showed up in short order--a couple weeks, if I remember right.
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    What does he opens his mouth when he's in the car?

    Keeping it dark by putting your raincoat over the carrier will probably calm him some in addition to your scent on the raincoat and the other clothes.
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    My cat doesnt like it when i cough

    Mine, too.
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    Will my cat's sickness go away?

    That doesn't look so good. Take him to the vet. Having had conjunctivitis myself, it's nothing to be trifled with.
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    How important is it for a 8 week old kitten to be with the mom?

    Eight weeks used to be the recommended adoption age but nowadays, something like 12 weeks is recommended. Kitty should be okay as long as he's eating solid food and is using a litter box. Long-term instruction as to proper behavior will be up to you, so you might have to teach him not to bite...
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    I Has An Expresshun!

    That action would cost me a fingertip with my Chester!
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    3 week old kittens not eating

    As the restaurant guys say, "It's all in the presentation."
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    3 week old kittens not eating

    Give it a shot with the food. Couldn't do any harm, even though they are a bit young. Mix wet kitten food into a sloppy mix along with KMR. The saucer is good to start them with, although it gets a bit messy. Perhaps it would be good to start this process by just offering them KMR in the...
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    Should I get really worried if my cat throws up for the first time?

    Cats just seem to throw up more than other household pets. I have a scarf-and-barfer who throws up after eating regularly. I don't think a single vomiting experience is anything to worry about at this stage.
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    Question of the Day, Friday, September 17

    Chili is my choice for a chilly day, but I do make a fair Italian wedding soup (not from scratch, but it's pretty good, made from canned stuff and pre-fab meatballs).
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    National Cheeseburger Day Sept. 18

    Oh, pooh! I'm going for an over-the-road trip with a vegetarian tomorrow, and they won't want to stop at some meat-serving place!
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    Feral gave birth and we got them

    That's quite an armory on the wall. Does somebody in your house do paintball?
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    the same litterbox

    They just value their privacy, it would seem.