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    Do you talk to your cat in the third person [feline??]?

    I do, but I don't think the cats understand anything. They do seem happy to hear my voice, though.
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    Any One Else Have a Cat Terrified by Thunderstorms

    None of mine are bothered by storms, but I did get them a Thundershirt because they don't deal well with trips to the vet in the car. It works real well for that. I suppose it would help a lot with thunderstorm anxiety.
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    Does your cat like music?

    Mine are music haters. They run whenever I play my tuba.
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    Are these cats fighting or playing?

    The big thing is, is it episodic? Do they stop periodically, typically giving the other a chance to be the aggressor? Your cats are doing everything right, despite the appearance that the orange one is at a decided advantage.
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    Are these cats fighting or playing?

    They both have their ears up, the play is episodic with each having a chance, They're quiet--no howling. Clearly play. No worries on your end. My two guys make it look like the WWE. They body-slam each other and roll around, and even complain and hiss at one another. No fur flies and...
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    Odd little ears

    I had some on my old phone, but it broke. I did post a picture of her in 2018 in the "New Cats on the Block" forum in a post entitled "Better Late than Never." It's still there, and I didn't have a name for her yet, so she's just called "Orange." She was about 4 or 5 weeks old at that time...
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    Odd little ears

    I have a moggie with cupped ears that took some time to straighten out. I think they had assumed their final proportions by the time she was a couple months of age. She was a street adoption, too.
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    Pregnant Cat Due Soon

    Isn't Canadian Tire hooked up with Petco? Do you have a CT store nearby? They might have some of the terramycin ointment, unless the Canadian veterinary laws prohibit it.
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    Never had a cat that gives me gifts unless it was an outside cat. However, last week I had a problem with a pillow that had a torn seam and the synthetic filling was coming out. I fixed that, but after a few days one of my cats started leaving me presents next to my head every night. It's a...
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    How Long Do You Play With Your Cat?

    All of mine seem to have short attention spans. Five minutes, and they're bored. One is so lazy he thinks the feathered wand toy is a spectator sport. A couple of times daily, max. They regularly run around and beat up on each other, so they do get some exercise.
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    Anybody elses furball enjoy eating bugs?

    Mine will hunt and eat anything that's flying around. They find pantry moths and stink bugs particularly choice, although the stink bugs don't seem to taste all that good to them after they're caught. I guess it's the thrill of the chase.
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    Perplexed- midnight bread attack?

    Mine get into bread all the time. Can't leave it out. When I come from the grocery, I have to put it away right now. If I go into another room, they'll do the same as your cat did, within 30 seconds. Might be the umami that the yeast imparts. Cats do go for foods that have a high umami...
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    Share some cat/cat-related facts that you know!

    Yes, definitely. One of my friend's sisters was a curator intern at the Toledo Art Museum and once got to hold their mummified Egyptian cat. She said it smelled like an old sock!
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    People who live alone: how do you trim your cat’s nails?

    If your cat is food-motivated in the least, the treats method works. Mine never were too bad about having their nails trimmed, but the treats afterward made it much better. That catnip buzz should be helpful. Mine are pretty well wasted after a "salad." If my cats were difficult to deal with...
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    What Are Your Cats Doing Right Now?

    It's turned colder here, so Meep and Sir Eats-A-Lot are having a dispute over who gets to sit in front of the heater under the vanity in the bathroom.